How Our IT Support Team in Denver Can Help Your In-House IT Staff

IT support in Denver is becoming more important in almost every company, both large and small. Nowadays, IT managers are struggling with dwindling budgets and fewer resources, yet they need to make sure that everything is working fine with regard to network availability and more complex systems. With all this to contend with, it is almost impossible for them to have any spare time to look ahead and plan for business growth and future goals.

Problems You May Encounter

Every day, technology is getting more complex, particularly when it relates to how different packages and hardware fit together. This doesn’t even take into account the difficulty of choosing which new software or hardware to select if your systems need an upgrade and determining if it is suitable for your current IT infrastructure. Careful selection, configuration, and management need to take place to ensure that new updates are not detrimental to the current status quo.

Costs also seem to increase every month, and you may be worried that it will continue in that direction. Ideally, you need a solution that involves a standard monthly fee that you know you can depend upon. You need IT experts who can make sure your systems are running smoothly and are the best they can be.

Practical Solutions

Our IT support team in Denver can bring much-needed solutions to the table. We have a large number of IT experts that can be on call to help you when required, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. This also allows us to have a larger range of skills than companies can normally sustain, and we will always have coverage, even during illnesses or vacations. As we all know, technology is constantly changing. In the past, this has probably resulted in many of your IT staff having to be sent for additional training in new resources. This is no longer an issue, as our IT staff has those skills to assist you.

At Xlingshot, we have the solutions for any IT issues you have. We are an experienced IT company that provides a wide array of IT support services for Denver businesses. Contact us now to see how we can take the mundane jobs from the shoulders of your in-house IT team and let them continue with creating a successful future for your company.

Benefits of Using Multi-Cloud and IT Services in Denver

IT services in Denver are becoming increasingly important to businesses of all sizes; this is because IT integration goes a long way in determining the success of your business. Multi-cloud deployment is one of the many services that we offered at Xlingshot. This service not only enhances your business setup but also enables you to properly manage your in-house technology infrastructure.

Needless to say, we are living in a cloud world. This highlights why you should develop personalized multi-cloud strategies that optimize critical application performance and overall network speed. Businesses are increasingly realizing the benefits of embracing the multi-cloud world. This, coupled with common IT services, can enable you to connect with your service providers, partners, and customers in a more seamless manner.

Here are some benefits of multi-cloud:

Multi-Cloud and Profits

The objective of every business is sustainable profit. By transferring your business structures to the cloud, you stand to save up to 20%of your IT revenue. In addition, the benefits of multi-cloud adoption are bound to keep growing because the cloud world keeps gaining more mainstream acceptance. The cost-effectiveness of multi-cloud integration enables you to invest your profits in areas that matter most. It also streamlines your business processes, thus enabling you to record impressive sales.


When you hire our IT services team in Denver for multi-cloud integration, you gain an upper hand over your competitors because you do not necessarily need to depend on a single provider. This autonomy will go a long way in helping you to negotiate service-level arrangements that are more favorable in terms of pricing and application. In addition, you avoid getting stuck with a single vendor’s limited infrastructural requirements.

Business Flexibility

When running an online firm, you must always have cost optimization, cost containment, and optimal performance in mind. Embracing the multi-cloud with the help of our IT services experts makes it easier for you to choose applications that work best for you while dropping redundant ones. For instance, the multi-cloud gives you the flexibility of configuring applications that target specific geographical locations— this enhances your overall business performance.

Advanced Cloud Capabilities

Due to its dynamic nature, the multi-cloud offers you an evolving array of capabilities and features. Besides this, it allows you to choose your preferred data services from the available providers. This way, you can easily create customized solutions that suit the needs of your organization. Therefore, you should try to make multi-cloud deployment a priority.

Reduces Vulnerability

Online businesses are highly vulnerable to breaches. You are susceptible to cloud data center outages, vendor lock-ins, and bandwidth problems. You can avoid such mishaps by prioritizing multi-cloud deployment, which reduces system vulnerability because it doesn’t rely on one cloud provider. In addition, multi-cloud integration also gives you the ability to merge different cloud drives in a single app. This allows you to manage files and also to transfer the files across different cloud drives.

To fully embrace the benefits of multi-cloud, you need a reliable provider of IT services in Denver. At Xlingshot, we offer a wide variety of IT solutions that help businesses reach new heights. Contact us today to learn more!

Managed IT Services in Denver: Understanding Cloud Computing

With the rise of the cloud, more and more business owners are considering outsourcing their IT needs to our reliable managed IT services experts in Denver. If you’re still not familiar with the cloud and the benefits it can bring to your business, this article is for you.

Who Needs Cloud Computing Services?

Some business owners assume that cloud computing is only reserved for large companies. On the contrary, cloud computing is designed for businesses of all sizes. This means that small, medium and large businesses need to consider investing in cloud computing services. Granted, large companies have the resources needed to build their own in-house data centers. They can hire top-notch IT professionals to man their systems and, in case of an outage, these experts can easily restore the system. However, this is not advisable. Backing up your data in-house can be detrimental, especially if an attack happens and your whole company is compromised. That is why large companies are also encouraged to consider cloud computing services that we offered at Xlingshot, your trusted managed IT services provider in Denver.

Small and medium companies may not have the deep pockets needed to finance the building of a data center— this is where we comes in. As a managed services provider, we will relieve you of the stress and pressure of having to back up your own data. We will create a data backup system on the servers or in the cloud and use these to restore your data in case of any attack or loss of data in your firm.

Benefits of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has many benefits, including:

Fresh software

Cloud computing allows firms to receive software updates and patches as soon as they are released. This is important because it can potentially increase the productivity of your employees by ensuring that they get access to tools as soon as they have been released.

Flexible costs

The cost for cloud computing can vary depending on the needs of your firm. For example, you can ask for more capacity during your peak times or seasons and then de-provision the capacity when you no longer need it. This will enable you to vary the cost you incur for server and infrastructure.

Ability to do more with less

You will realize that cloud computing will negate the need of having an in-house data center. This will, in turn, reduce the number of servers, number of staff, and the software cost you incur without negatively impacting on the efficiency and capabilities of your IT.

Improved mobility

Mobility means that you and your staff can access applications and data from the cloud no matter where they are in the world. This can easily facilitate telecommuting, allowing your employees to work from home via computers, tablets, or smartphones. If you have your employees visiting customers or working out in the field, then they can easily access applications and data from the cloud.

To fully understand the benefits of the cloud, you can contact us at Xlingshot. Our managed IT services team in Denver is always ready to help businesses with their IT-related needs.

Should You Consider Creating Your Own IT Support in Denver?

In the healthcare industry, it’s essential to use our high-quality IT support in Denver to comply with government regulations and to assure maximum privacy and care for patients. Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (SCCA) has been successful at shifting from outsourcing to developing its own IT services, with the help of healthcare industry software. Even if you run a different type of business, consider how this model helped SCCA become more efficient.

To help you make better business decisions (considering our IT support in Denver), here’s a deeper look at how SCCA achieved its goals, as explained by the organization’s IT Client Services Manager, Diane Burton, in a Business Solutions interview:

Outsourcing vs. Local Support

Even though SCCA’s outsourced IT support was working, this organization that represents patients, doctors, physicians, and researchers wanted a more innovative solution resulting in even better efficiency and cost savings. So, they created a client computing experience for about 3,500 partners, consisting of medical professionals and researchers. Many of these users operate from Fred Hutch Cancer Research and University of Washington Medical Center.

Burton says that SCCA’s IT service desk, which launched in January 2012, comprises a senior hardware technician, two AV support specialists, and six IT service desk professionals. They found that by creating their own help desk, they were able to increase response time for requests and incidents. She attributes this improvement to highly-skilled technicians taking calls, as well as offering remote support, desktop support, and a walk-up IT service for people on campus. Another factor was the team analyzed its processes, looking for ways to streamline repeatable tasks.

Selecting Efficient Software

Fundamental to improving SCCA’s IT experience for its business partners was choosing Cherwell Service Management for software services. This solution provided the automation necessary for speeding up redundant processes. It also allowed the organization to make adjustments to its GUI without knowing coding or using a database administrator. It means their team of technicians and partners can focus on patient needs instead of worrying about technical issues, improving efficiency and productivity.

Ultimately, SCCA’s IT success can be summarized by its choice of an IT service management tool that’s easy to use and customize. The capability for real-time data analysis and reporting is also essential to the equation. Burton additionally points to developing a strong knowledge base that doesn’t require adding modules. Another helpful strategy has been developing customized dashboards for technicians and managers, which allows all team members to have access to information that enters the system in real time.

Cherwell’s platform provides options for users to choose from a subscription or perpetual pricing model, an on-premises solution or SaaS. It’s a platform that’s aimed at helping multiple industries beyond healthcare, such as finance, higher education, retail, and MSPs, as well as government organizations.


If your business needs an upgrade to faster service, consider turning to IT platforms designed to simplify and accelerate redundant processes with automation so that your employees spend more time with the patients or customers that you serve. Your company will run much more smoothly and efficiently if your staff isn’t bogged down with complex technology issues. Contact us at Xlingshot to learn more about how we can increase your productivity. Let our IT support team in Denver take care of your technology needs while you focus on your business goals. Contact us today to learn more.

Why Collaboration Software is the Way to Go for IT Services Firms in Denver

Collaboration software is becoming popular nowadays, as more business owners realize the potential that it brings. They are seeing the gains that can be achieved when people work together, share ideas, and just collaborate in a more seamless fashion. According to a research by Gartner, collaboration software is a critical capability, something to strongly consider when looking at project and portfolio management software. If your company still is not utilizing this kind of software, then the time to do so is now! Our IT services experts in Denver can help you understand how collaboration software works and the benefits it has on your business.

The Difference Collaboration Software Makes

Collaboration software is all about bringing people together so that they can share ideas and work on them as a group, all in the spirit of increasing productivity. Collaboration tools have an incredible impact on how well employees can do their job. You do not need to be a massive enterprise to benefit from the software. Ask our IT services team in Denver and we will tell you that the answer to collaboration is not email— it is software solutions.

Studies have revealed that the biggest waste that project teams face when working on things has to do with electronic mail. You send an email and it ends up in an inbox, only to be consumed at some point by an end user. What did this email accomplish if it is read 30 minutes after it was sent? Is it even timely anymore?

Context Switching and Wasted Time

Business owners tend to spend so much time with context switching and doing things not unique to their actual roles. As a business owner, when you have to change your task just to check an email, you are changing the context of what you are doing— this can take away valuable time from the task at hand and reduce your overall productivity.

Collaboration software is the answer to this as it takes away the barriers. If you want to get in touch with someone, it is just a matter of working in the software and making that happen. Employee productivity can enjoy a nice increase when you encourage workers to get out of their inbox and start to use collaboration software. Take advantage of what is available in the market and turn your project teams on their heads for the better!

You want to make sure that you are getting the right collaboration software before you pull the trigger on a software suite. This is where our reliable IT services firm in Denver comes into play. Reach out to us at Xlingshot today so we can work with you to get your project teams working productively and collaboratively. The time to embrace collaboration software and use it to the fullest is now!

Reasons Why You Need Data Backup from a Managed IT Services Provider in Denver

Do you have a provider of managed IT services in Denver doing your data backups? If not, you might want to think about getting that setup from us.

Your data is the lifeline of your business. That data contains all of your customers’ names and information. It contains your full inventory of stock. It contains the names and personal information of your employees. You may have proprietary information somewhere in that data. What would happen to your business if it wasn’t there anymore?

Here are five reasons why you should consider having data backups for your business:


Have you ever deleted a file accidentally? That happens to a lot of people. Most of the time, a quick search on the PC’s recycle bin recovers the file. But what if it wasn’t there? If you have incremental backups being taken of your systems, a copy of that file will be available. This type of simple recovery shows why it is so important for daily activities.


Do you work in an industry where you have to keep data for an extended period of time? It might be for tax purposes or due to various regulations. You might have this type of data stored on a backup disk, hidden in a file cabinet. That is not the best idea. You want to have more than one copy of this kind of data, with at least one copy stored off-site. All it would take is a natural disaster to wipe out your single copy.

Competitive Advantage

What happens if a major natural disaster hits your area? In certain industries, the first business to bounce back will have a major competitive advantage. You don’t want to be the business struggling to get the doors back open. Backups mean you can restore your data quickly and gain that competitive edge.

Keeping the Doors Open

Over 40% of businesses that go through a major data loss never open their doors again, and that kind of loss can come from anywhere. An email virus can wipe out a database. A ransomware attack can compromise your data. Even a simple human error can put your business in jeopardy. Backups done by our managed IT services team in Denver will allow your business to recover quickly and get those doors back open, even if you have lost some competitive advantage.

Preventing Duplicate Work

Losing a day’s worth of data would set your company back a bit, but you would likely recover. A few days of catch-up and all would be well. But what happens if you lost most of your data? Could you recreate it? Could you keep the doors open while you do it? Backups will help prevent this kind of duplicate work or the need to recreate a database.

Is your data being backed up like it should be? In an ideal world, your data would be backed up automatically throughout the day. It would also be backed up to an off-site location for maximum protection. If your current IT infrastructure does not support this kind of backup scheme, it is time to bring in our managed IT services in Denver. At Xlingshot, we can help you get those backups going. Contact us today to learn more.

IT Services in Denver Can Help Educate Employees about Cyber Security Attacks

Cyberattacks are on the rise and any organization can quickly become the next victim of cyber criminals. Your business needs our IT services in Denver that understands the need to train and educate employees about cyber security. Continually educating employees over an extended period offers many benefits and can save your company thousands of dollars. Here are a few ways that employees can help keep your business protected and the common attack strategies of these criminal schemes:

Training Employees

Do your employees understand the wide variety of cyberattacks and how to respond to each one? Employees who are not properly trained are the prime targets of cyber warfare. According to a recent research by Kaspersky Lab, 42% of confidential data is lost due to employees negligence. Whether it is uploading data through an unsecured connection or using common passwords, data can easily get into the wrong hands in a countless amount of ways. The best way to prevent these data breaches is to educate employees on the wide range of cyber security threats and how to respond to each one.

Security Matters from Top to Bottom

Building a culture that is aware of cyber security begins with the board of directors and each executive. These are leaders in their business and each employee looks up to them for guidance. Executives that are proactively involved in taking measures to prevent cyber threats will have a positive impact that can be felt throughout the company. Further educating these individuals is even more beneficial, as it adds another line of defense against on-line security threats.

Cyber Criminals Target Companies of All Sizes

Whether you are a small or large business, you can easily become a victim of a cyberattack. Most small businesses cannot afford the expenses of an IT department. According to the same research above, a serious data breach costs around $38,0000— most small businesses are unable to afford such a costly attack. Through the education of employees with the help of our IT services team in Denver, companies can minimize the risk of becoming a victim of a data breach.

Attack Methods

These online criminals use a variety of attack methods that range from phishing, social engineering, malware, ransomware, or viruses. They are continually creating new attacks that become much more sophisticated and harder to stop. Whether it is a cleverly written phishing email or a website that is designed to steal your confidential information and lock your computer. If employees receive a suspicious email, they need to contact their managed service provider immediately. Downloading attachments from untrusted sources is a recipe for disaster. On the other hand, it is a good idea always to be cautious with emails and run a security scan before downloading any attachments to your computer.

Further educating employees about cyber security threats is the key to maintaining a successful business. At Xlingshot, we specialize in providing excellent IT services in Denver. We offer around the clock support and provide frequent security updates to ensure that your work-related files are always safe and secure. Contact us today and let us help your company stay protected from these security threats.

Understanding Common Cyberattacks and How Our IT Support in Denver Can Help

Various forms of cyberattacks are becoming rampant these days. Because of this, businesses are turning to us that offers IT support in Denver for data security. If you own a small to medium-sized business, you should consider protecting your vital company information because cyber criminals don’t just target large corporations anymore.

Here are four common cyberattacks and how you can avoid them:


With vishing, cyber criminals will try their best to get access to your financial information and, ultimately, steal your money. Some will call or send text messages to you and then pretend to be bank officials seeking to verify some information about your account. They will require you to provide them with your bank details so that they can make the necessary “corrections.” If you fall into their trap and give them any details about your bank account, they will be able to infiltrate the system and get all your money in no time.

This is how you can avoid falling victim to vishing:

  • Never give your financial details to anyone
  • Upon receiving a suspicious call or text, contact your bank to confirm if the call came from them.


Cyber criminals have another way of tricking people by sending them text messages that contain malicious links or attachments. If such a message is sent to you and you decide to click on the link, you will be redirected to a website that requires you to fill in a form. By doing so, you assist the criminals in robbing you. This form of cybercrime is called smishing.

What should you do if such a text message finds its way into your smartphone?

  • Do not click on the links given in the text message
  • Delete any text message received from a source that you don’t trust


Phishing is done through email messages. Fraudsters will send you an email, posing like one of your service providers, such as your bank or power company. Then, they will require you to click on certain links that are attached to their email. Those links often lead to a website that tricks you to believe in its legitimacy. Once there, you are told to provide some details— failure to do so will suspend your account. To avoid phishers, do the following:

  • Don’t follow instructions outlined in an email message which authenticity you can’t verify
  • Always check for the sender’s digital signature before opening any links; this can help you verify if the email came from a trusted source or not.


Pharming is a cybercrime in which criminals attack your DNS and infects it with some corrupt data. Through that data, they can redirect your Internet commands and lead them to malicious websites. A malicious website will appear identical to the site you wanted to visit. If it was your bank’s website, for example, the fraudsters can access your passwords and other account details. To avoid pharming, you should source for our IT support in Denver and have us equip your computers with antivirus software.

At Xlingshot, we offer top-notch IT services and IT support to Denver businesses. Contact us today to learn more about our company and how we can safeguard your business against cyberattacks.

Why “Born in the Cloud” is the Way to Go When Outsourcing IT Services in Denver

Companies are increasingly embracing cloud computing solutions offered by our IT services team in Denver. In fact, technology futurists argue that the cloud is potentially the future of IT. One essential characteristic of the cloud that has made it such a darling to many business owners and IT experts is its elasticity, because of its ever expanding memory and storage size.

Businesses operating with the traditional “legacy framework” software have been trying to make them “marry” with the cloud model. The software, commonly referred to as “washed cloud” software, eventually becomes compatible and runs in the cloud. As washed as they are, however, the compatibility does not erase the fact that the software was designed to run in a different kind of technology— an outdated technology at that. Therefore, the software remains out of fashion. Now, the question is: “What is the best way to go for business owners? Well, “Born in the Cloud” is the way to go.

Born in the cloud software is designed and developed specifically for cloud computing. As a business owner, what benefits will you reap from born in the cloud software?

Eliminates Downtime

The born in cloud software is managed and maintained on your behalf by your SaaS (Software as a Service) vendor. What this means is that the vendor automatically updates new versions of the software. In other words, you will not be required at any given time to upgrade outdated versions.

On the flipside, washed cloud software requires your IT team to install updates to newer versions regularly. During this time, the operation of your business will be brought to a halt. This unnecessary inconvenience and downtime can be avoided by having a born in the cloud software for your business.

Multi-Tenancy: A Platform for Inter-Company Collaboration

With regards to born in cloud software, your SaaS vendor hosts you together with other clients. In simpler terms, the vendor hosts you as multi-tenants. Being hosted together with other market players presents a platform on which you all can share the prevailing market trends to each other.

A washed cloud software presents different dynamics altogether. Given the fact that the software “swims in unfamiliar waters,” it is not possible to have it hosted in a multi-tenancy. Sticking with it, therefore, denies you the chance to enjoy the benefits that come with multi-tenancy.

Saves You Money

You are in business to make money, right? Getting our IT services in Denver is definitely not a bad idea. Born in the cloud applications are charged on a pay-per-use billing system. They are elastic and can accommodate both peak and off-peak hours. The cloud expands during peak hours and shrinks during off-peak hours. This means that you only pay for what you use.

Washed cloud software is rigid. It cannot shrink or expand. As such, it forces you to pay for the same amount during off-peak as during peak hours. In the end, you pay for unused excess units during off-peak times.

As a business owner, you should consider the benefits of born in the cloud to your company and start utilizing it now. We at Xlingshot can help you with that and all your other IT needs. We specialize in providing IT services to businesses in Denver. Don’t get left behind in this fast-changing technology. Make a move now— contact us!

Should You or Should You Not Hire a Managed IT Services Expert in Denver?

Computers play a critical role in today’s business environment. There are chances that your computer might develop a problem that needs fixing. When that happens, you can choose to either repair the computer yourself or hire our managed IT services expert in Denver to do the work for you. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider hiring us to do the repair:

Get It Done Well the First Time

Hiring an IT professional will save you the trouble of having to guess what the problem is. Experts have a mastery of most computer problems— they often use a variety of diagnostic tools to pinpoint the exact problem with damaged machines and offer solutions that are tailored to address the problem. They can be trusted to handle any PC-related problems.

Avoid Damaging Your Computer Further

Trying to repair your damaged computer on your own can cause more harm than good. Hiring our IT support team will prevent this and ensure that the root cause of the problem is addressed without damaging the computer further.

Avoid Inflicting Injury to Yourself

Some computer repair works might require that you inspect the hardware components of your computer to check what the problem might be. For example, if you have a huge computer server which is housed in its own room and you discover that there might be some problem with it, you are advised against trying to fix it yourself. Do yourself a favor and contact our company that provides managed IT services in Denver to ensure that you don’t harm yourself or those working in your firm.

Protection from Data Loss

Believe it or not, trying to repair your computer system by yourself can lead to loss of critical business data. Oftentimes, people rush to repair what seems to be a small problem without first backing up their data. This can potentially cause you permanent data loss, bringing your operations to a standstill. Conversely, assigning the repair work to a professional will save and protect your data. Experts in the field understand the importance of backing up all data before commencing with the repair work. Don’t risk your data; let the expert handle the repair work.

Maintenance Tips

Anytime you hire a professional to repair your computer, you stand to benefit from free expert maintenance tips which will help you and your staff to avoid a recurrence of the problem. For example, if the problem was caused by a virus infection, our experts will advise you on the best antivirus software you can use to secure your computer system, as well as remind you to keep all your software programs updated and answer any questions you might be having.

Clearly, it is advisable to hire our IT expert to repair your computer than do it all by yourself. If your computer develops any problem, big or small, we at Xlingshot are here to help. Our managed IT services experts in Denver will attend to your computer problems and restore your systems in no time. Contact us today to learn more.