3 Benefits Your Business Gets with Preventive Monitoring Services from a Leading Managed IT Services Provider in Denver

“Better safe than sorry” is a phrase most businesses understand. This statement holds much truth when it comes to securing your company against the many cyber threats hackers direct toward businesses each day. Preventive monitoring is an important step in stopping threats before they adversely affect your network and the data it contains. Since your data is a critical resource for your business, we strongly advise you to consider partnering with a leading managed IT services provider in Denver offering preventive monitoring services for the purposes of protecting your corporate network against hackers.

Why Preventive Monitoring

As stated above, preventive monitoring helps in arresting threats before they can adversely affect your operations. However, we believe that this is not the core benefit of preventive monitoring. As a business owner, you need to invest in data collection and analysis. You need to collect and analyze data concerning the functioning of your corporate data.

As a managed IT services provider in Denver, we can help you understand the process of preventive monitoring and establish the practice for your protection. Here are three key reasons you should hire a managed service provider (MSP) to help with preventive monitoring:

  • Innovative, improved performance – Today, businesses rely heavily on technology, which necessitates that you should stay up-to-date with the latest tech developments. Maybe IT is not the core competency of your business, and as thus, there is a need for you to partner with an MSP that will do this for you. Having the latest software installed in the latest models of hardware will improve your network performance.
  • Greater reliability – Preventive monitoring will afford you peace of mind knowing an expert is keeping an eye on your IT systems and is in a position to deal with any problems discovered through preventive monitoring.
  • Faster ROI – Since preventive monitoring helps to arrest problems before they immobilize your business, it can be argued that they deliver immediate ROI by keeping operational costs low.

Glancing into the future, we see preventive monitoring becoming a critical tool that businesses must embrace. You can enjoy the benefits of preventive monitoring by hiring our team. As a leading managed IT services provider in Denver, Xlingshot, Inc. provides preventive monitoring to our clients. Contact us now and let us help you reap the benefits of this strategic process.

Managed IT Services in Denver and Current Trends in the Tech Industry

Does your business need IT services? Do you need a dedicated IT team that can help your business grow? With all the changes in technology that’s constantly happening, companies can significantly benefit from us, your reliable managed IT services provider in Denver. To get a clearer view of these changes and the importance of an outsourced help, here are three growing trends in the tech industry today:

1. Cloud Computing Services

Cloud computing has become increasingly popular over the last few years. One of the many benefits of cloud services is increased security and protection. If an employee accidentally deletes an important document, it can be quickly restored with the latest backup save. Storing files in the cloud is also cost-effective, as companies do not have to purchase larger hard drives to store many files. Besides convenience, it is also environmentally friendly— it can save thousands of pages of paper because everything can be stored electronically. Security is always a primary concern, and cloud services routinely receive patches to protect against the latest security threats. Another added benefit is the ability to work from any location. Whether you need to work from home or down the road on a business trip, cloud computing offers unparalleled access for employees to work anywhere at their convenience.

2. Data Analysis

Companies are continually processing and analyzing data at a record rate. One of the more recent trends is in-memory analytics. In-memory analytics does not process data on a hard disk but uses RAM which delivers much quicker results. Due to the speedier results, companies can be much more productive as they analyze information at never-before-seen speeds. Streaming analytics has also become increasingly popular, as companies are now able to analyze data in real-time instead of waiting an hour or even days after the information has been processed. To keep up with demand, as your managed IT services partner in Denver, our monitoring system always remain flexible to handle data efficiently.

3. Mobility

Employees are increasingly using their smartphones and tablets for work-related purposes. This increased mobility offers many benefits, but it can also cause significant security concerns. Mobile device management (MDM) solutions have been created to combat against viruses and the various forms of malware. This software is specifically used by IT departments to monitor and secure any work related files on an employee’s device. Wherever you access important work related files, you can be confident that you will be well protected with MDM solutions.

The tech world will continue to change as cloud computing services, data analysis, and increased mobility evolve over time. With the use of managed IT services, you can experience the latest benefits of technology without the expense of an in-house IT department. Whether you are interested in better data analysis or increased mobility, our computer experts at Xlingshot specialize in providing managed IT services for Denver businesses. Let us help your company reach new heights with the most recent technology— contact us today!

Managed IT Services in Denver Could Save You from Ransomware

Three Known Ransomware Threats to Be Wary Of

Our managed IT services in Denver are increasingly important for nothing more than basic security. You’ve likely heard it said that cybercrime is at an all-time high, but do you realize what the full implications of that are? It turns out cybercrime is a 500 billion dollar industry— that’s half a trillion, and it’s growing. One of the most affecting areas of this digital scourge comes from ransomware.

If you’ve been bitten by the ransomware bug, you won’t be able to access your files unless you pay the pernicious hackers who have afflicted you a fee. That fee is getting bigger as hackers realize what they can get away with. Where before you might get stung for a few hundred, these days, your business can expect to be undermined to the tune of $1,000 or more. Likely more— especially if you have a somewhat successful operation.

And don’t think your business’s size will keep you safe. Small to medium-sized businesses are favorite targets of cybercriminals employing ransomware because such operations are at a perfect balance of lax security and vulnerability. With all this in mind, three known ransomware scourges that have hit the digital streets since 2016 include:

  • CryptFile 2
  • ROI Locker (Manamecrypt.A/Cryptohost)
  • BRLock

CryptFile 2

This pernicious program will send your files to “the crypt,” as it were. It will search your computer for valuable files, encrypt them, then demand payment in bitcoin, of all things. As a managed IT services company in Denver, we can back up your data so that if you notice this ransomware, you can do a system reboot at the time before the malware was downloaded, and you won’t have to pay the ransom. Seriously, who carries bitcoin around? Even if you’re able to pay the ransom, you likely won’t have this obscure digital currency available; and that alone is a pretty substantial hassle.

ROI Locker, AKA Manamecrypt.A/Cryptohost

ROI Locker will usually infect your computer through “rogue” software sites which don’t feature mainstream software solutions. Torrent programs are notorious for downloading this onto your hard drive, so if you find yourself infected, figure out when you downloaded the torrent file, and then back up from before that time.


This is a ransomware program that primarily targets Russian users. It will shut down your computer then reboot with a screen that fills your whole monitor, and demands the unwieldy sum of 1,000 Rubles or about $15 American.

Getting Yourself Protected

Ransomware is continuously developed by cybercriminals who understand that a quick buck can be made in a nigh-untraceable way through hacking shenanigans. The market is expanding, and more ransomware programs are being developed all the time— this is likely where most of the money in the cybercrime world comes from: blackhat developers designing viruses on the sly. Your best bet is security through us that understands the atmosphere and is committed to maintaining the sanctity of your files. To that end, we at Xlingshot offer top-tier cybercrime prevention and recovery solutions. For managed IT services in Denver designed to safeguard you, contact us.

How Our Managed IT Services in Denver Can Impact Your Business

Technology has revolutionized the workplace and partnering with our managed IT services team in Denver can help propel your business to its fullest potential. We specialize in helping companies use the latest technology by gaining access to a complete IT department. Instead of using outdated technology, we ensure that your business has state-of-the-art equipment.

Here are just a few of the advantages of using our IT services:

Unparalleled Access

One of the primary benefits of using our IT services is that it enables your business to gain unparalleled access to our complete IT department. Instead of simply using a technician or network administrator, our whole tech team is available to guarantee that a business is operating as efficiently as possible. Our team of experts includes project managers, network engineers, web developers, security engineers, and IT professionals who help businesses reach their utmost potential.

Newest Technology

Another advantage of using our managed IT services in Denver is that it enables your company to use the latest technology available. Our state-of-the-art technology will help a business reach new levels of success and gain a competitive edge against other companies that do not have access to a complete IT department. Our IT services will also allow you to use the newest updates to ensure that a company has access to cutting-edge technology.

Affordable Pricing

Trying to hire an entire IT department is very expensive and time-consuming. However, our IT services are affordable for businesses of any size. Our low monthly cost will help your company save a substantial amount of money, which makes it much easier to stay within budget. Instead of worrying about high IT costs, our IT services will help your business reach its full potential at a low monthly price.

Choosing to partner with our managed IT services team in Denver will give your business unparalleled access to the newest technology at an affordable price. At Xlingshot, we are an IT support company that focuses on helping organizations gain access to a complete IT department. Our technicians are always available to provide assistance and help answer any questions. We understand the importance of technology and how it can have a significant impact on the future of your business. If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of gaining access to a complete IT department, please feel free to contact us anytime.

Managed IT Services in Denver: Strong Password Security Measures

There is an increasing number of websites and companies that insist on passwords when accessing their systems. Unfortunately, as a managed IT services provider in Denver, we have noticed that these aren’t being treated as securely as they should be. There are three main problems with the passwords that people choose. Any of these can lead to a company’s IT system being overrun by hackers so that they can steal your sensitive data or cause you to be locked out of your infrastructure.

The Worst Ways to Choose a Password

The main culprits are people who use easy-to-guess passwords. Surprisingly, a fifth of all passwords is ‘123456’. Although at first glance, the popular ‘1q2w3e4r’ looks hard to guess and stronger than a single word from a dictionary, it is a pattern that is just as easy to hack. That is before you get to the frighteningly high number of people using the word ‘password’. Add this to the fact that many users will have the same password over a number of sites and this is a recipe for disaster. The hackers will use automated programs to guess a password for sites that have little security, then it becomes an easy matter to try the same email and password for a number of higher security sites.

Ways to Prevent Hackers Infiltrating Your Company

As a managed IT services company in Denver, we recommend training all of your employees to recognize the importance of a different password for each login and never to use the general ‘sign in with Facebook or Google’ options. This can become unwieldy with the number of passwords we all need to use. However, it is possible to use a password manager program that will create strong passwords for each login for you.

There are also ways to create a strong password yourself, and the easiest is to think of a memorable phrase. For example, ‘I attended West High School in Denver! We had our 12th-grade prom at Infinity Park.’ This could turn into a password of IaWHSiD!Who12gpaIP which as you can see is easy to remember but difficult to guess.

If you think your company would benefit from the help of an experienced managed IT services company in Denver, then we are ready and waiting to take your call. At Xlingshot, we are fully aware of the importance of strong password protection for any IT systems. We can recommend improvements and strengthen your security so that you are less at risk from hacking and cybercrime. Contact us now to see how we can help you protect your business from ruthless criminals.

Top 5 Questions to Ask a Managed IT Services Provider in Denver

As a reputable managed IT services provider in Denver, we can assist your company in optimizing operations, minimizing expenditures, and boosting productivity. Hiring us as a provider to collaborate with, it’s imperative to ask queries that will equip you with an in-depth understanding of how the collaboration will work and what services you should expect. The following questions will help you in comparing different providers and making the right decision:

1. What are the Key Features of Your Onboarding Process?

Before hiring Xlingshot as a managed IT specialist, you must inquire about the process of onboarding. That way, you’ll know what to expect in the coming weeks or months after putting a signature on the provider contract. It’s worth noting that contracts involving technology are a bit complicated and, therefore, the transition can’t occur within seconds. Instead, there would be many learning curves and adjustments needed, as new processes are executed and new resources are employed. As a reliable managed IT expert, we will be available to guide both you and your employees during the transition period.

2. What Types of Clients Do You Handle?

As a managed IT provider, we usually works with a particular group of customers. Avoid providers who claim to provide exceptional services to all types of customers. Therefore, you should demand to know how your potential providers describe their ideal clients. The plain truth is that all IT services providers will highly value you as a customer, but not all can address both your current and future desires. Some IT specialists would perfectly meet your needs than others.

3. What is Your Level of Experience and Professional Expertise?

A lot of time, resources, experienced employees, and investments are needed before an MSP masters the art of providing top-notch managed services. Prior to earning the confidence of clients in the IT scene, the provider should’ve been offering managed IT services in Denver for no less than six years.

4. What Metrics Do You Use to Evaluate Client Satisfaction?

Before hiring our IT experts, you should find out if your thoughts or opinions are valued. Ask us or your prospective providers if they collect feedback, hold it in high regard, and react to it in helpful ways. Your potential provider should always call clients and perform surveys. Their studies should target random customers and not only their loyal customers. They should grade their customer service based on reliability, problem solving, professionalism, promptness, security, and performance.

5. Do You Have a Reliable Helpdesk Support?

Ideal managed services providers have in-house helpdesk support. Therefore, they can train and mentor them, ensure their certifications are up-to-date, and guarantee that good employees are working for them. The helpdesk support must be a committed helpdesk and not field technicians that show up at the office during their free time.

Businesses in need of managed IT services in Denver should be willing to conduct thorough research, extensive interviews, and ask the right questions. At Xlingshot, we can help your business operate efficiently. We monitor your systems and rectify any problems detected. For comprehensive details on services that we offer, contact us today.

Managed IT Services Providers in Denver Can Help You Implement Firewall Solutions

System security is one of the major considerations made by businesses when opting for managed IT services in Denver. A secure system is more viable and productive. But what does it really mean to have a secure system? The use of firewalls has, for a long time, proven to work effectively in all matters IT security. But you always have to choose a firewall solution that works best for your situation. Here’s what you need to know about the different firewall solutions before deciding on which one is likely to work best for your organization:

Hardware Firewalls

The word “hardware” puts most people off. People often consider software resources to be more effective. Whereas this is partly true, when talking about firewalls, you might want to know what hardware firewalls offer before brushing them off. Hardware firewalls are considerably safer because they exist physically in your system— this means that all the data passes through them before entering the system. The dynamic nature of IT has led to the development of more efficient firewalls, which can block security threats even when the gateway is flooded with huge packets of data. In this case, your system is at a better position to detect malware and other malicious cyber security threats before they strike. Hardware firewalls are also less likely to experience extensive downtime; therefore, they can remain fully operational on a 24/7 basis. However, like other hardware resources, these firewalls require significant input in terms of maintenance and monitoring.

Software Firewalls

The basic reason why software firewalls are still inferior to hardware firewalls is based on the disparate operational principles between the two groups. As mentioned earlier, hardware firewalls scan data packets before they end up in your local drive. However, with software firewalls, the data packets pass through your network and into the local drive before threats are scanned. Software firewalls also operate on the basis of known malware and malicious activities as well as prohibited IP addresses. We cannot totally disregard the effectiveness of software firewalls in guaranteeing system security, but they don’t provide holistic protection. Malicious programs can still infiltrate your system especially because software resources are subject to extensive downtime either due to faults or during a system shutdown.

Cloud-Based Firewalls

As mentioned above, IT is a dynamic entity that continues to present new approaches to technological issues. Cloud firewalls are products of this dynamicity. These firewalls may actually be the best option because they combine the principles of both the hardware and software firewalls. Cloud firewalls use hardware resources that can be operated remotely by pertinent experts using relevant application software. To get such resources, you might need expert input from our managed IT services team in Denver.

Let Us Help Your Business

If you’re having trouble implementing a firewall solution or any other security project, we at Xlingshot can help. We specialize in managed IT services in Denver, including security and cloud solutions, among others. With the right solutions, you can operate your business without worrying about security or other IT shortcomings. Contact us today to learn more.

Reasons You Should Hire a Managed IT Services Provider in Denver

Managed IT services in Denver are gaining ground across all businesses. Firms are demanding for software that can meet the needs of their clients, as well as solve the problems they face internally. However, integrating new tech developments also come with its problems, and some issues may be a threat to the success of a new business or a new software. Some of the challenges include:

1. Support and Service

Delivering superior customer service and support simultaneously is somehow challenging in a customer-centric business organization. This is especially so if the service management companies and IT department are expected to provide both. Lack of capabilities and IT staff in handling loads of support issues will often be a hindrance in providing a satisfactory customer service.

2. Mobility

Most businesses are already embracing new trends of enterprise mobility and BYOD. However, the ability to access any business application through mobile devices demands service availability capabilities and strict security.

3. Regulatory Compliance

Firms are expected to maintain a strict agreement to policies that likely end up compromising profitability and lead to complexities that are unpredictable. In the case of implementation of IT services, organizations need to ensure a mission-critical IT operation. When dealing with sensitive business information, the operation should ensure the company remains profitable all the while meeting the strict compliance requirements.

4. Hardware

With the rapid evolution of hardware systems, the outdated ones are failing to live up to the requirements of modern IT and end-user expectations. This consequently pushes the firm’s IT budget leading to low profits. An outdated device may also pose security threats and affect workforce performance given that productivity relates to the performance of a technology.

Benefits of Outsourcing Professional IT Services

Outsourcing managed IT services in Denver with Xlingshot will be the best way to go if you wish to deal with the above issues. Through our services, your business will be able to offload its IT operations, and the stress that comes with the field. Some of the reasons why a managed IT service plan will be good for your business include the following:

1. Focused Experts

By outsourcing an IT service provider, you won’t have to get someone from your core team to try and fix arising IT problems. The benefits are even more when you put into consideration the depth of skill, experience, and talent you’ll receive when you have a whole team of experts at your disposal.

2. Saves You Money

In the modern business world, it becomes expensive when you fail to invest in technology that will help in powering your operations. Managed service providers will normally charge as per the contract, which will typically cost less compared to hiring an in-house technician. You’ll also be able to save on lost productivity, broken trust, and lost revenue, as the MSP will fix everything, unlike an in-house who only fixes when an issue arises.

If you’re looking for reputable and unmatched managed IT services in Denver, we at Xlingshot are ready to assume the responsibility of working around the clock in managing, maintaining, and monitoring all your computer systems and equipment. Our staff is knowledgeable and experienced in handling all your IT needs. Contact us today to learn more.

Fortify Your Business Against Cybercrime with Managed IT Services in Denver!

Our managed IT services in Denver are often called upon to provide clients with disaster recovery (DR) solutions. As an IT provider, we can help provide your business a comprehensive solution that fortifies against many operational threats.

A Comprehensive DR Plan

A properly comprehensive plan demands you to cover key points of intrusion. Three points you should consider as you look at ways to incorporate cybercrime prevention into your DR plan include:

  • Identify what needs protection
  • Plan for known threats
  • Determining prescient recovery needs

Identify What Needs Protection

Start by identifying where protection is most important. You’ll likely have core operations, infrastructure, financials, and employee records which are more sensitive than some other data; such as internal infrastructure like HVAC control or the lights in your parking structure. Accordingly, you should have prioritized protection for more sensitive data, as opposed to those less essential to operations. Our managed IT services team in Denver can help you make proper determinations here.

Plan for Known Threats

Malware like adware, Trojan viruses, spyware, and ransomware can really damage operations. What’s more, such viruses are continuously evolving. If you’re not careful, you’re apt to be broadsided by such malware in a way that can seriously impact your bottom line. Our IT experts can help you continuously maintain security methods so you always have the latest, greatest available protection

Determining Prescient Recovery Needs

If a virus or ransomware infects your system, what you’ll need to do is isolate the inciting device to preserve the rest of the network, then reconfigure that device from an available backup. If a DDoS attack impacts operations, you’ll have a different containment strategy to consider. There are quite a few different threats out there that require a different kind of response, and internal techs may not be properly familiar or equipped to curtail some cybercriminal activity. We can help fortify your network against known threats and additionally outline protocols of response necessary for the most effective protection.

Secure Operations

At Xlingshot, our managed IT services experts in Denver bring professionalism, diversity of experience, and cutting-edge tech to a variety of clients. We can help you defend your business against known and emerging cybercriminal elements, making your DR solution more comprehensive than it would likely be otherwise. Contact us now to determine where you need protection and to enact protective measures which will give you the greatest likelihood of full recovery from a cyber attack.

Why Businesses Should Consider Outsourcing Our Managed IT Services in Denver

Our managed IT services in Denver offer room to organizations to outsource management of their whole IT infrastructure to trusted providers. Such moves allow business owners to focus on the core activities of their investments without having to worry about their internal IT environments. Some of the benefits that your business can accrue from outsourcing IT services include the below.

Peace of Mind

By outsourcing the management of your IT infrastructure, you and your in-house IT team can put more focus on core activities and business goals. Firms will attain peace of mind when they’re aware that their IT systems are being handled by highly-qualified technical experts. In addition, you won’t have to worry about managing an on-site data center, monitoring your applications, or maintaining IT hardware— our IT specialist will take care of all these.


By hiring our managed IT services team in Denver, you can be assured that we have state-of-the-art technology to ensure that no hitches occur while our team handle your IT infrastructure. We also have in place some established procedures meant to guarantee service delivery and uptime, including access to Internet providers. You’ll also enjoy a comprehensive data recovery plan that will ensure backup to a secondary site should a critical outage occur.

Data Management

Different studies have shown that the amount of global data is doubling every two years. Given this huge pool of data, it becomes easy to understand why you need help with managing your data. When your business is facing a rapidly growing amount of data, our managed service will help you in setting up the systems necessary to securely store and back it up. Even more importantly, you’ll get help in building intelligent data management process and transform data into useful info, which can help in making better business decisions.

Customized Solutions

Xlingshot is an experienced managed IT service provider that will customize your IT needs to fit your firm’s unique requirements. This will provide room for your firm to scale its environment as it grows and combines different technologies.

Supports Evolving Needs

An adaptable managed IT services provider becomes an extension of your in-house IT team. This allows you to have access to senior IT experts and resources anytime you’re in need. You’ll be provided with advice on IT strategies, infrastructure, and development of a hosting solution that will scale appropriately to suit your unique technical and business needs.

You need your IT infrastructure to run effectively, securely, and efficiently. If you don’t have the necessary skills or the resources needed to successfully manage, maintain, or monitor your IT environment, then you don’t have to worry as we will be there to help you sort your needs.

For unique managed IT services in Denver, contact us at Xlingshot. We’ll help you in offloading critical IT services like data backups, intrusion detection, infrastructure upgrades, and among other IT-related operations. Our firm has modern tools and technology to ensure that your system is maintained or upgraded to the latest standards.