Five Benefits of Managed IT Services in Denver

Technology is an essential component for companies of all sizes, and our managed IT services in Denver can help your business stay protected while also enjoying the benefits of the latest technology. The ability to have a managed service provider to handle all of your IT needs will enable your employees to be more productive without becoming distracted from various technical issues. Here are a few more reasons why your company should consider using our managed services:

Around the Clock IT Support

A company can lose valuable time if a server crashes and no one can repair it outside of regular work hours. You need an IT provider that monitors servers 24/7 and will repair any issues as soon as they appear. Besides around the clock monitoring, an employee can contact IT support at any time for any technical assistance. As you can see, our IT support will significantly improve your business’ efficiency.

Proactive Approach

Using a proactive approach is a key objective for managed IT services in Denver. Providing security updates will further protect your company without experiencing any downtime. Continually monitoring servers allow us to repair any issues before they become a major problem. In other words, our security team can detect an issue as soon as it arises without waiting for it to cause any further damage. As you can see, using a proactive approach can help your business use IT resources without experiencing any interruptions of service.

Supplement In-House IT Team

A company with an IT team can significantly benefit with the use of a managed service provider. For example, a managed service provider can provide technical assistance that may be too time-consuming for an IT employee. With this added support, your IT employees will become much more productive as they can focus on other areas of need. Companies will be able to hire less IT employees because a managed service provider can significantly ease the overall workload for an IT department.

Cost Control

As a managed service provider, we can easily project their monthly or yearly expenses, which enables businesses to create a budget without any costly surprises. Your company will not have to worry about paying overtime or providing benefits because a managed service provider uses a fixed monthly price. The cost of IT department can quickly become expensive, and the use of a managed service provider can ease that expense while providing superior customer service.

Increase Security & Protection

Businesses are highly vulnerable to a wide variety of online attacks. The use of a managed service provider can add an extra layer of protection that can keep your company safe and secure. For example, data backup and recovery can help your organization access files that were either lost or deleted through a virus. Our security experts also monitor networks and servers 24/7 for any unusual activity. With around the clock protection, we can locate and repair any security breach before it becomes a major issue.

As you can see, businesses can significantly benefit from the use of managed services and managed IT services in Denver. At Xlingshot, our goal is to help your company become even more successful through the utilization of the latest technology. Contact us today and let our IT professionals help your business grow and succeed.

Benefits of Having a Remote Access Work System and Managed IT Services in Denver

Nowadays, businesses are looking for ways to cut their operational costs; and one way of achieving this goal is to allow employees to work anywhere but the office. A remote access work system can help with this kind of arrangement, since it connects employees to your company’s system and allows them to access necessary work files and applications remotely. If you’re a business owner who’s contemplating about implementing this setting in your company, consider hiring us, a managed IT services provider in Denver to help you out.

Here are some benefits of having a remote access work system for your employees:

Reduction in Office Space

Allowing your employees to work remotely will immediately reduce office space, which means one less thing to maintain and spend money on. Brick-and-mortar offices are expensive to run and sustain— businesses tend to spend a lot of money to acquire floor space and establish offices and cubicles for their staff. With your employees working from home (or anywhere) with a remote access work system, you won’t have to worry about office expenses.

No Need for a Service Staff

Running a normal office requires that you hire a staff that offers services such as housekeeping, pest control, plumbing, electrical works, and repairs, among others. They are important because their work helps you and your employees work in comfort. However, they are costly to acquire. You can easily cut this cost by allowing your employees to work remotely.

Low Maintenance Cost

Maintaining a remote access work system is relatively cheaper as compared to running a full-time office. The latter will require you to invest in computers, printers/photocopiers, phone systems, and other essential office equipment. With a remote access work system and the necessary managed IT services in Denver, you will be able to cut down on these costs. The only cost you will need to concern yourself with will be the cost of maintaining the servers that run the remote work access system.

Reduced Utility Bills

Running a full-time office is expensive and requires you to spend money on utilities such as lighting, water, and heating. Paying for these utilities eats into your profits and avoiding them is impossible, especially if you are running the traditional brick-and-mortar office. By allowing your employees to work anywhere with a remote access work system, you won’t need to worry about this kind of business cost.

As you can see, both you and your employees will benefit from a remote access work system. Not only does it allow your workforce to access every work-related file they need; it also cuts many business-related costs. At Xlingshot, we specialize in managed IT services in Denver, and we can help you come up with a secure remote access work system that fits your business needs. Contact us today to learn more.

Managed IT Services in Denver: Reasons Why Employees Are Your Biggest Cyber Threat

Among all the scary stories about cybercrime, security breaches, the loss of critical data and the illegal selling of customers’ personal details, there is a natural tendency to focus on approaches to hardening IT systems. It might come as a bit of a surprise to learn that the single biggest cyber threat is your staff. Our managed IT services team in Denver examines why and how it can be remediated.

Your People Are Human

Your employees are humans, and the reality is that— humans are imperfect. Humans can make mistakes. Sometimes, those are wonderful mistakes; and sometimes, they’re less welcome. So, rather than outside threats, your business can suffer from a little forgetfulness or sloppiness of your people.

Your People Need to Get Their Jobs Done

Sometimes, your employees can see work systems or policies as obstructions rather than facilitating their work. They may find ‘slick’ ways to work around something that prevents them from getting work done. They may fall back on shortcuts. They may fail to log out of a system or they may leave important documents sitting on their desks rather than filing them away securely.

Your People May Not Understand Security Threats

Your employees may be highly skilled and experienced in their particular work. But if they’re not IT engineers, they might not fully appreciate the security risks or the hazards they’re creating due to their working processes. They may not understand the importance of managed IT services experts in Denver in securing IT systems.

Your People Are Vulnerable to Social Engineering

Social engineering attack uses deceit or other underhanded means to get your employees to divulge information (not necessarily outright secrets) that cybercriminals can use to perpetrate hacks or fraud. Your staff may not be able to recognize a phishing attempt or a risky file attached to an email.

The Upshot

You can see how, even with the best IT systems in the world, your business can still be left at risk by your employees. By recognizing these inherent risks and taking the right steps, you and your employees can radically reduce these dangers. Formulate corporate policies in light of these hazards. Encode them in communication, training and the programming of your IT systems. For assistance, you can employ our managed IT services team in Denver to keep your business, employees, and customers safe. At Xlingshot, Inc., we can help you shape your organization’s security. To find out more, contact us now!

Cloud Faxing through Managed IT Services in Denver Conserves Resources

Safety, Security, Savings

As a managed IT services in Denver, we are offering a new generation of IT solutions that can fundamentally transform a given business. However, there are older technology solutions which still require support—mainly faxing. If this analogy were extended to other systems of technology, the best way to think about faxes in the modern world would be radio. Everybody thought film, television, home video, laserdisc, DVD, BluRay, and Netflix would end radio. But radio is going stronger than ever because it’s a medium with its own advantages.

Fax machines have a similar quality because of the security that is inherent to them. They also enjoy their own legal status. As a result, fax machines are still default document transmission devices in many offices requiring the utmost in security and speed. Fax machines are HIPAA-compliant, making them a staple of the healthcare industry. They’re also necessary for many government and legal sectors. But there’s a lot of time which is lost for the safety and security such services offer.

Modern Tech: Reinvigorating Faxes

This is where the cloud comes in. Our managed IT services team in Denver will provide a new solution which is sort of a hybrid between email and faxing. There are basically three steps to a cloud fax:

  • Faxes are sent/received on PC, tablet, phone, or another web-enabled device
  • The user views the PDF or downloads it by clicking on it
  • The user responds without the need to scan or print, instantaneously

Together, these things save time and resources, allowing for the same security, the same safety, and the same utility— but with substantial savings. Think of it as the difference between traditional radio and satellite radio. You get the same thing, but with a technological upgrade.

Additionally, the retention of data through cloud support provides security— increased security, as a matter of fact— over previous fax solutions.

Calculating Savings

If you were able to save just three minutes per fax, you could save as much as $15,000 annually, depending on the size and scope of your operations. Here’s how the math breaks down: if you send an average of 33.3 faxes a day (less than 1.5 an hour when averaged, or about three per hour in a traditional work day), you’re looking at 1,000 faxes per month. (Months are calculated at 30 days for this example.) 1,000 multiplied by three minutes is 3,000 minutes. 3,000 multiplied by twelve months is 36,000 minutes. Divided by the number of minutes in an hour, that comes to 600 hours a year that are saved through cloud-based fax solutions.

Now, how much is an hour worth at your company? An employee must be sourced, acquired, trained, and maintained. They must be paid, equipment must be requisitioned for them, and benefits are necessary. An employee paid $10/hour actually costs his or her employer something like $17 per hour per year, once taxes, etc., are calculated. HIPAA-compliant workplaces and law offices likely pay more than $10 an hour. Assuming $25 per hour, multiplied by 600 hours, you’re looking at $15k/year saved through cloud faxing if three minutes are cut off per fax. Managed IT services in Denver through Xlingshot can provide these savings for your operation. Contact us for cloud fax solutions.

Why Our Reliable Managed IT Services in Denver is Important for Strengthening Your Cybersecurity

All businesses require our reputable managed IT services in Denver. The increased frequency of cyberattacks on companies has made it almost mandatory for businesses to source for our services, particularly for cybersecurity services. Many businesses, however, are still underestimating the threat posed by these attacks, not knowing that they can potentially knock them off-balance. Being a business owner, you have the responsibility of making sure that your business is safe from cybercriminals. Here are some of the fundamental cybersecurity measures that you need to undertake for your business:

1. Teach Your Staff on How and Why They Should Protect Data

A small mistake by your employees can give cybercriminals a leeway to accessing your company’s confidential data. It is importance to educate your staff on the necessity of being vigilant when handling data. When carrying devices with the company’s sensitive data, for example, you can train the employees on the security measures to embark on if a device gets stolen. To keep cyberattacks entirely at bay, you can design unique cybersecurity procedures for your company and then train the staff on following the procedures. Whenever you hire new staff, be sure to take them through the company’s cybersecurity procedures.

2. Keep Your Customer’s PII Safe by Securing Your Payment Systems

Cybercriminals are mostly interested in your customers’ personally identifiable information (PII). Since this information is readily available on credit cards, then your payment systems become a major target for the attackers. Bearing in mind how incriminating clients’ leaked data can be to you and your business, securing the payment system is not an option. This can be achieved through the following:

  • Uninstall all the insecure programs from the payment processing computers
  • Encrypt your sensitive data

As a managed IT services provider in Denver, we can provide Advanced PII protection measures to keep your customer’s PII safe.

3. Don’t Recycle Passwords

To most people, getting a new password for every new account opened is unnecessary and a waste of time. Therefore, they opt to use the same password for multiple accounts. As a businessman, however, you need to understand that by so doing, you give cybercriminals a chance to hack into your multiple accounts in case they crack the password. Coming up with innovative, unique, and hard to crack passwords is another safety measure worth undertaking.

4. Protect Your Computers against Virus Attack

Protecting your company’s sensitive data could be as basic as installing antivirus and antispyware software on your computer. Most importantly, ensure that this software is up-to-date to avoid falling victim of hackers. With this in place, ensure that you keep spam away from your computers by using firewalls.

5. Use a Multi-Layered Solution to Secure Your IT Infrastructure

You may be risking too much by not securing your IT infrastructure. So as not to overstretch your budget, acquire our multi-layered solution that is specifically designed for your business.

At Xlingshot, we can help you strengthen your business’ cybersecurity with our top-notch IT services and managed IT services in Denver. Contact us today to learn more.

Why Small Businesses Need Our Managed IT Services in Denver

Managed IT services in Denver have become an integral part of conducting business regardless of the industry of operation. Almost all factories, offices, stores and warehouses depend on computers to communicate with customers, process orders and advertise products and services. All these depend on efficient and reliable infrastructure. Therefore, it is prudent for small businesses to have excellent IT systems. Here are the major reasons why small businesses need our managed IT services:

Staying Productive

Small businesses that try to solve their operational problems without expert interference end up slowing down their productivity in the long run. If you run a small business, consider hiring our dedicated team of managed IT services experts in Denver and focus on the productivity of your business. Our dedicated managed services provider will ensure that your computers run properly allowing you to conduct your business operations without worrying about low productivity in case something breaks.

Professional Consultation

Small businesses that invest in managed IT services are more likely to thrive compared to those that don’t. IT solutions for hardware, computer software, cloud storage, and VoIP can prove difficult to understand. For this reason, professional consultation is the best way to go for your small business. As a managed service provider, we keep up with the changing technology, thus, we understand the ins and outs of the game. Our professional consultants will help your small business reach its highest potential.


For your small business to thrive, security should be a priority. Hackers are very much aware that small businesses don’t impose severe security measures. Usually, this is either due to lack of knowledge or the assumption that the cost of protection is too high. In case your server makes it onto a randomly-generated list, the resulting damage can be very extensive. Regardless of your business’s size, being up-to-date with some of the latest security measures should be your top priority. Most times, it is almost impossible to keep up with the latest security measures, that’s why small businesses need our managed IT services— we will allow you to improve the productivity of your small business.

Customized Managed IT Services

All companies are not the same; thus, IT support requirements inevitably vary. Our managed IT specialists are flexible, experienced, and have the expertise to customize their services to meet your needs. Whether you need 3rd party software support, 24/7 access to a professional, remote installations, or regular security, as a managed IT provider we can do them all for you.

Predictable Spending

In most cases, managed IT providers offer IT services and packages at a flat-rate. This means that it is easy to plan your spending. With comprehensive plans and transparent pricing, it is easy for you to add IT services to a budget. You will not worry about unexpected costs or fluctuating fees.

Small businesses needs our managed IT services in Denver to stay productive and expand their operations. We at Xlingshot understand how important your small business is to you. We will work 24/7 to monitor, manage, and maintain your computer systems. We are up-to-date with the most recent IT solutions, and our dream is to see your business grow. For more information, contact us today.

Is Malware Ruining Your Business? Managed IT Services in Denver Can Help!

Viruses and other types of malicious software are a growing problem for businesses, as hackers are always developing new programs and finding inventive ways to infect vulnerable machines. Malicious software can be used to gain access to sensitive data, such as passwords, financial details and other personal information, which can then be used to take money from your bank accounts, gain access to your email accounts, and even steal your identity. If your business’ computers are infected with malware, it’s important to seek our help as your reliable managed IT services partner in Denver.

Disconnect from All Networks

Malware can quickly spread to other computers, devices, and smartphones that are using the same network as an infected computer. Disconnect your computer from the Internet, as well as any shared networks, and turn off all connectivity options, such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and some other connection types may try to connect automatically to any available networks, so it’s a good idea to disable these as soon as possible. Remove any external devices connected through USB ports or other wired connectors.

Identify the Malware

If you know the name or type of program that has infected your system, you should be able to find plenty of information and advice online about its removal. Social media, forums, and dedicated security websites are often used to share information about common viruses and other infections. If you don’t know the source or type of infection, you can scan your system with a malware detector to find the problem. Enlisting the help of our managed IT services firm in Denver can be very effective in these situations.

There are several security websites that provide free online tools for scanning your computer. However, it’s usually best to avoid connecting to the Internet, so consider using a downloadable program to identify the infection.

Remove the Infection

Minor viruses and simple malicious code can often be removed easily by using tools bundled with your operating system, security software or malware scanner. However, you may need to manually delete or use a special removal tool to get rid of the offending program. If a virus has made changes to the registry or other essential systems, you may need to talk to our technical support or our security expert.

Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to completely remove malware or reverse the damage caused by malicious code. Wiping your hard drive and reinstalling the operating system may be the only option for serious problems. If your computer or security program has made backups of your files, it may be possible to restore some of your data after reinstalling the operating system. Malware can cause serious problems for computer users, as infected systems can be used to steal sensitive data, including bank account details, passwords, and other information that can be used for financial gain. Acting quickly to disconnect the affected device from all networks reduces the risk of infecting other devices. Regularly updating your antivirus and other software will help to protect you from further problems.

Hackers are constantly finding new ways to access personal and business email accounts. If a hacker gains access to your email account, they can steal sensitive information, financial details, and use your account to send malicious or spam emails. You can help keep your email account secure by choosing the maximum-security settings and asking us, a professional managed IT services expert in Denver for assistance. At Xlingshot, we can help you protect your business from malware and all kinds of cyberattacks. Contact us today for more information.

Why You Should Consider Using Managed IT Services in Denver as a Virtual CIO

Modern businesses must realize that having advanced IT systems in place is an absolute necessity. With a capable IT team and chief information officer (CIO), your business can enjoy better data security, increased productivity, and increased innovation. For a smaller business, however, the cost of employing full-time IT professionals can be unmanageable, thereby limiting growth. With our managed IT services in Denver, you can still benefit from IT experts within your means.

The Need for IT Expertise

When your business relies heavily on computer technology, there are some additional considerations. You have to think about the security of your systems, your data backup and disaster recovery measures, and the managing and monitoring of your network. As your business grows and you get more end-users and connected devices, the risk of data breaches and cyber attacks only increases. You need IT experts working with you consistently to make sure that everything is functioning optimally.

A CIO has a very important role in a company. They are in charge of the entire IT team and scout for technology innovations to incorporate into a company. Their work has a great impact on the company as a whole—from productivity to innovation, to customer service and employee experience. While a smaller business is unlikely to be able to have someone in that role for financial and feasibility reasons, they can get a lot of assistance and support from our managed IT services team in Denver.

How Managed Services Can Make All the Difference

Managed services are great for companies of all sizes, but especially for small and medium-sized ones. Our services can help you stand out in a highly competitive market. Here are some of the main benefits you can enjoy from our managed services:

  • You get IT experts who have experience providing the latest IT solutions across different markets.
  • It’s much more economical because you pay for the services package you need, usually a fixed monthly charge.
  • You get a range of services and specialties from security to cloud service.

There are many other benefits of managed IT services in Denver. If you are in need of IT support to enhance your ongoing business efforts, get in touch with Xlingshot, Inc. We understand the IT needs of growing businesses and have 15 years in this space. We work closely with businesses to come up with a plan that addresses their current needs and challenges. Contact us now! We look forward to hearing from you.

Managed IT Services in Denver Answers the Call for Outsourced Help Desk Support

Although managed IT services in Denver can now be easily outsourced, it’s still advisable for businesses to know the basics of the services they need. This empowers them to demand only the best from their chosen third-party providers.

One such example of outsourced services is customer support. Businesses can delegate this task to providers, leaving them with more time to focus on their main objectives. Usually, this kind of customer support is outsourced in the form of a help desk wherein representatives take calls and answer emails.

As the client, you must know what kind of customer support your provider should deliver. Because your provider’s help desk will be on the front lines serving as the first point of contact, they will not be perceived as a separate entity, but rather, as a part of your business. If they fail, your business fails as well in the eyes of your customers.

To establish good relations with your customers, look for a provider of managed IT services in Denver that can offer the following:

Well-trained customer service representatives

It takes skills to soothe irate customers, especially when their complaints can’t be resolved immediately. Thus, your provider should have a readily available team already experienced in conflict resolution and business communication. They should know proper phone etiquette, de-escalation techniques, and detailed documentation. They should know when to follow a script, and when to think outside the box. And that’s just the soft skills part. They also must possess hard skills such as using logging tools, troubleshooting basic technical issues, and recognizing security risks, among other things.

Round-the-clock services

Whenever your systems go down, people will contact your help desk first and foremost to find out what’s going on. Unfortunately, unexpected outages know no schedule, so you should have a help desk that’s available 24/7. In case your website goes down at an ungodly hour, your customers should be able to connect with your business and get a resolution or at least, information. Although a lot of businesses still offer their help desk during their regular hours of operation, many are seeing the benefit of round-the-clock availability.


If your business is still growing, there’s no way to predict just how fast it can become bigger, so scalability is another important factor to consider when looking for a provider. Their services should be able to scale up and down accordingly without affecting their performance. After all, you want a provider that’s just as flexible as your business is. If they can’t keep up, then they’re not a good match.

Proven track record

Don’t just go with any provider with the lowest price offer. Instead, choose a provider with an established reputation for delivering customer support. They may cost higher than newer provider but think of it more as an investment and less as an expense. When your customers are happy, they develop loyalty for your brand and become repeat buyers, so it all translates to a good ROI in the end

For high-quality customer support, look no further than Xlingshot. As a trusted provider of managed IT services in Denver, we have everything an outsourced help desk should have and more. Contact us today for additional information on our services.

Why Your Business Needs 24/7 Tech Support from a Reliable Managed IT Services Provider in Denver

It’s 6:00 PM on a Saturday and your servers are down. Your e-commerce platform isn’t loading correctly, and would-be customers cannot make purchases. Unfortunately, your managed services provider (MSP) closed at end of day on Friday and won’t be able to resolve the issue until 9:00 AM on Monday, leaving you with frustrated customers and decreased sales. This unfortunate scenario is avoidable with an MSP —like us at Xlingshot— that offers 24/7 managed IT services in Denver.

It is not always practical for businesses to hire a dedicated IT person in-house. Sometimes, the business isn’t large enough to need one person solely handling IT issues, and sometimes a business is too large and would require a costly team of IT professionals. This is when our managed service team step in. MSPs are designed to handle all aspects of your business’ IT needs. If your email client crashes overnight, your MSP will work to find a solution. If a virus enters your system after hours, your managed service provider will catch it early due to constant monitoring, and early detection is key to damage control. Servers, databases and operating systems are all under the purview of MSPs.

Because we live in a digital age, there is never really an end to business hours. A customer halfway around the world may need to interact with your business outside of your normal business day, and your systems need to be functioning for this to happen. Managed IT services in Denver that are available 24/7 are an important factor in deciding which MSP is right for your business, because 24/7 support means that your servers and databases will be monitored around the clock to prevent sustained downtime.

Beyond keeping your systems functional throughout the day, your MSP can also take over your help desk to provide 24-hour tech support directly to your customers. Sometimes, it isn’t cost-effective for a business to staff the phones 24/7, and that’s when an around the clock MSP can step in. A 24-hour tech support solution from your managed service provider means that your customers can access solutions to their problems outside of normal business hours. This is especially helpful for the global community as people work together in different time zones. As all business-minded people know, customer service plays an important role in customer retention, and the better services you provide to your customer, the more likely they are to remain loyal to your brand. Tech support from your MSP 24/7 is an important piece of the customer experience.

It all comes down to the level of monitoring you want for your system and the accessibility you want to give your customers. If you cannot hire a dedicated IT professional for your business, or your company is too large for one IT tech to handle, an MSP is a viable option. In order to get the most out of managed IT services in Denver, your MSP needs to offer around the clock tech support for your servers and systems, as well as to your customers. At Xlingshot, we help businesses like yours to the best of our abilities. To learn more about our services, contact us today.