Effective Backup and Disaster Recovery IT Services in Denver

Businesses that depend on IT services in Denver understand that backup is not a luxury, but a necessity. As a business, it is imperative that you protect your internal documents, fast-changing transactional data, and customer-facing marketing statistics.

Understanding BDR

Backup and disaster recovery (BDR) do not signify the same thing. Backup refers to the process of making extra copies of data in case the original is damaged, destroyed or lost while disaster recovery in IT means returning the operations environment to the previous functioning state.

Backup and disaster management complement each other. If your business loses some or all data, but your operations environment is fine, you will utilize the backup function and load it on your systems. In case your IT environment is not available, you will not be able to restore the backup data. This shows that protecting your data is not enough— your business has to ensure the entire computing environment is secure including network, hardware, software, and data.

Consequently, the function of disaster management offers your business a complimentary, redundant environment where it will not just load back the data, but can restructure and operate your IT service when your primary system is not available.

Relative to your business’ main data center, the recovery environment can be local and remote. It is not compulsory to have a remote environment since not all disasters require it. A good example is if your business went through a server breakdown, while your data center is in one piece, you can switch to a local hardware and use it as your prime server for some time. If for instance your data center has been damaged then you will be required to switch to a remote center that has not been affected by the same calamity.

The switch to a new server will depend on your requirements and the capacity of your disaster recovery provider. Three models distinguish how your data recovery takes place:

  • Cold – This model preserves and backs up your data and replicates your systems in the form of images which are stored locally or remotely. The recovery servers are not loaded, but if requested they will be loaded and started.
  • Warm – This model is similar to cold except the recovery servers are loaded onto their assigned hosts and configured. All that is required is to load the data and spin the servers.
  • Hot – This model syncs up your data to your redundant environment which is running parallel to your primary.

Another important factor to consider for businesses requiring our IT services in Denver is that your company does not have to wait for a calamity to benefit from disaster recovery solution. This is relevant when you are testing software upgrades, patches, or new use cases.

Many companies have tried to implement their disaster recovery, only to realize it is riddled with hidden costs and unnecessary risks. Businesses that require IT services in Denver have a reliable partner in us at Xlingshot. We offer effective backup and disaster recovery services without any hidden costs. Contact us today to learn more.

The Two-Step Approach to Retain Data with IT Services in Denver

In our experience as an IT services provider in Denver, most businesses understand the need to retain the data they process as part of their operations. A big question is— how long do companies have to retain that data? We’ve outlined the basic rules here today so that you can develop data retention policies that suit your needs and align with legal requirements.

The first part of assessing your data retention needs is to decide which data must be stored and for how long it must be retained.

The Data Retention Two-Step

The key principle of data retention is simple once you understand that “data retention” is the policies that define the persistence of your data and records in order to meet your firm’s archival needs, as well as any laws or regulations that apply to your firm.

In other words, how long do you need to keep data to comply with the law and the requirements of your business? This is the dance we call the data retention two-step.


The regulations that define your data retention policies will vary depending on what industry you are in, your customers, and where you operate. You may be subject to HIPAA in the USA or GDPR in Europe. Other local, state, federal, and international laws and/or industry regulations may apply.

The applicable regulations will provide minimum periods for which you must retain data. They may also define the formats in which you need to store the data. Bear in mind the minimum periods defined in law may be shorter than your firm’s own requirements.

Cost of Data Storage

A further consideration for your IT services in Denver is how much you have to spend storing the data you retain. If your data storage is integrated, perhaps rationalized into public cloud platforms, it may be quite easy to calculate your storage costs. On the other hand, if your data storage is spread across many platforms, it can be harder to calculate costs. You also need to balance the cost of storage against the value of the data being stored.

We tend to find streamlining storage infrastructure makes it easier to manage both the storage and the costs. This can also make accessing data in extended storage much easier. At Xlingshot, Inc., we provide IT services in Denver that reduce both complexity and cost. To learn more about streamlined approaches to data retention, contact us now!

How a Reliable IT Services Provider in Denver Can Help Prevent Homograph Phishing Attacks

Hackers are continually developing new online security threats, and as an IT services company in Denver, we provide the latest solutions that will keep you and your business fully protected. Recently, there has been a rise in homograph phishing attacks, and it is critical to be fully aware of the scheme before it is too late. A homograph phishing scam disguises a malicious hyperlink into appearing to be a legitimate link to a reputable website. Once the user clicks on the link, they are usually asked to fill out a form that will reveal personal information. If this information is filled out, your identity can be stolen, and you risk losing thousands of dollars. Here are a few tips to help avoid becoming a victim of a homograph phishing scam:

1. Always Be Cautious Opening E-mails

Never download any attachment within an e-mail that is from an unknown source. If an email has a hyperlink, manually type in the web address to avoid becoming a victim of a homograph scheme. The majority of web browsers have built-in mechanisms to protect against homographs, but recently, a leading computer expert has revealed significant security vulnerability in the most popular web browsers. Currently, manually typing a web address is the only safe option. If you believe that you have already opened a malicious hyperlink inside an e-mail, our IT services professionals in Denver can analyze the e-mail and provide the latest solutions for your company.

2. Download the Latest Anti-Virus Protection

Besides phishing attacks, computers can easily be targeted by viruses and malware. Downloading the newest anti-virus protection is a significant step in protecting yourself from malicious e-mails or websites. Being aware of the latest cyberattacks is an excellent way to protect your company’s personal data. It is also a good idea to run weekly scans that can detect any issues before they become a major problem. Preventative maintenance is critical in the ever-changing world of cyber security.

3. Use a Good Password Manager

A password manager stores all of your login information for each website that you use and will automatically save your password through encryption with a master password. In other words, if you click on a phishing link, it will automatically notify you that the website is not legitimate. Besides the convenience of managing all of your passwords, password managers provide excellent protection against homograph phishing attacks.

As you can see, homograph phishing scams can be very complex and dangerous for individuals and companies. Until each browser updates their security settings, manually typing the address of a link is the only sure way to avoid opening a disguised hyperlink. If you believe that your business may already be at risk, it is critical to contact us at Xlingshot. Our IT services experts in Denver will assess and repair any technical issues that you may encounter while offering the best customer support for your company.

Get All the Benefits of the Cloud with a Reliable IT Services Provider in Denver

If you have heard that the cloud is insecure, don’t believe the hype! This is a common misconception that is quickly being shot down as more and more people experience the numerous benefits of the cloud. Those who are familiar with the nuances of IT are adamant that the cloud is as secure as it gets. Our IT services team in Denver will help you migrate to the cloud and preserve the integrity of your sensitive data. Let’s take a look at why the cloud provides an array of benefits including considerable security:

Do Not Fear the Cloud

Though you might be hesitant to rely on the cloud for data storage and document sharing, making the transition will do wonders for your business in the long run. The cloud eliminates the need for IT personnel to spread themselves thin across an array of different technologies. Instead, the entire focus can be on the cloud. The inevitable result will be heightened security. Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) maintain upwards of thousands of servers that are rarely breached. Plenty of technicians safeguard these servers so wrongdoers can’t access sensitive data.

The Cloud Minimizes Vulnerabilities

Relying on one server that uses the exact same network as your company’s workstations is quite risky. A single mistake can compromise the entire system. CSPs solely specialize in cloud services. These experts will not make the same mistakes as employees who do not understand the intricacies of the web and computer software/hardware. Furthermore, the cloud has fewer network access points so the odds of a breach are extraordinarily low.

The Cloud Enhances Business Continuity

The cloud guards against the spread of malware. It even preserves data from manmade and natural phenomenon, such as earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, physical attacks etc. Data stored in the cloud can be accessed when servers or workstations are damaged or inaccessible. The same cannot be said of data stored on physical servers.

Imagine a situation in which your building is flooded or broken into by a thief. If your data is stored on a server or other physical unit, it will likely be compromised. Alternatively, if your data is stored on the cloud, the thief would not be able to steal it. Nor would a flood or other natural disaster ruin the data as it is stored and accessed in a virtual (intangible) manner.

Don’t fret about making the shift to the cloud. Team up with our IT services company in Denver and we will ameliorate this transition from physical storage devices to the cloud. We will do everything possible to avoid interrupting your operations. Our mission is to keep your business functioning like a well-oiled machine while enhancing your security with the power of the cloud.

Comprehensive IT Services for the Utmost Security

Our professional IT services experts in Denver will help you transition to the cloud and keep your data as safe as possible. At Xlingshot, we have helped countless clients enjoy the benefits of working in a remote manner. Lean on us and your organization’s flexibility, efficiency, and productivity will be optimized without delay. Contact us today to learn more.

Password Security Tips from our IT Services Team in Denver

Every year, there are more and more stories of large multinational companies who have been the targets of all kinds of cyberattacks. Even small and medium-sized businesses get targeted by hackers, although the news may not make the headlines. Businesses of all sizes need to take cybersecurity seriously. One of the low-hanging fruits is password security. Our IT services team in Denver can help your business with a comprehensive data security strategy that includes password management.

Below are some tips on this, some of which you can begin implementing in your business today:

Creating Strong Passwords

Many people have simple and predictable passwords such as their name or the numbers 12345. To safeguard your business, you must encourage employees to create strong passwords that are impossible to guess. The strongest passwords usually contain a mixture of letters, numbers, and special characters.

You can also take this a step further and automatically require your employees to pick new passwords after a recommended number of months. This can keep hackers on their toes and prevent compromises in security that happen over time. We can help you tailor the password creation and reset processes as part of our IT services in Denver. It’s always easier and quicker to get your team on board with your password security efforts when it’s built into your systems and platforms.

Protecting Your Passwords

Creating a strong password is not enough, however, to prevent data compromises. How and where these passwords are kept is equally important. Ideally, passwords should not be written down at all, but for those who are anxious about forgetting them, they must find a safe and secret location or use a verified system to help with managing their different passwords.

Another behavior that is common, but not recommended, is using the same password for several different accounts. While this can simplify the task of remembering what’s what, it poses a serious risk. Educating your team about how to create and protect their passwords is something that you should incorporate into your business.

When you prioritize the security of your business data, you can prevent careless data breaches that can affect your employees, clients, and the business as a whole. At Xlingshot, Inc., we are committed to providing services and products to improve the productivity and performance of your business. Contact us today to learn about our data security and other IT services in Denver.

Takeaways from World Password Day from Your IT Services Provider in Denver

World Password Day is the first Thursday of every May, and as your IT services provider in Denver, we have gathered some tips from the event that will help you keep your network and personal information secure. Though passwords are the first layer of defense against hackers and other cyber criminals, a vast majority of internet users and businesspeople fail to understand the importance of creating strong passwords and utilizing the proper password etiquette. Here are some tips to increase your password security:

Create Strong Passwords

Most people that we talk to in our IT services firm in Denver create passwords that they can easily remember. This usually means they don’t include the special characters or capitalizations that are the hallmark of strong passwords. In fact, the two most popular passwords in 2016 were ‘password’ and ‘123456.’ While these might be easy for you to remember when you need them, they’re also easy for hackers to guess.

A strong password is one that has no connection to you— no birthdates or names of pets!— and utilizes numbers, letters, capitals, and special characters.

Do Not Use the Same Password for Multiple Accounts

It might seem like a headache to create and remember separate passwords for each account you access, but it’s necessary. If a hacker is able to crack one of your passwords, they can easily gain access to all of your accounts if you use the same password for all of them. When you create multiple passwords, you stop the hacker at one account and minimize damage.

Use a Password Manager to Help Store and Access Passwords

So how do you remember all of these unique passwords when you need them? Writing them down in a notebook is a bad idea since you would have to keep it on you at all times and it might fall into the hands of someone it shouldn’t.

The answer could be a password manager like 1Password or LastPass. These programs can help you store and encrypt multiple passwords so that you have easy access to them when you need them. You will need one master password for these managers, so make sure it’s a good one!

Be Leery of Browsers that Remember Your Password

When you are in a social media app or shopping online, you’ll often see the prompt ‘remember me on this site?’ It’s very tempting to click ‘yes’ knowing you’ll never again have to remember your username or password when you revisit it. However, if your laptop or smart device ever gets into the wrong hands, it means that anyone can get into these sites and gain access to personal data or payment information. Hackers are also getting adept at cracking these, so you might not be safe even if your devices are not lost or stolen.

There are many takeaways that our team for IT services in Denver has passed on to clients from World Password Day. The bottom line is, creating strong passwords that are unique to each site you visit or online service you utilize is your first line of defense against cyber criminals. If you have more questions about how to manage your passwords, contact us at Xlingshot today.

Know Your Risk Universe and Prepare to Defend Your Business with IT Services in Denver

There are certain IT security practices that you should always try to follow as a business owner. Ask us, IT services professionals in Denver, about best practices in the information security space and we can rattle off several of them to you. Unless you’re an expert though, it’s just going to be gibberish. But it’s important to understand all this information in detail and know it inside out so that you can adopt it for your company and help secure your network, data, and everything else.

Know the Risks

The first thing that you actually want to do as a business owner is to work with us, your IT services provider in Denver, to understand all the risks that are out there. Think of it as an exercise that’s going to allow you to come up with your risk universe. That risk universe should contain all the potential hazards that your company may face.

Once you have all these dangers established as part of your risk universe, it’s time to work with our IT team to figure out which ones you’re going to focus on. Where are the major problem areas or concern spots that keep you up at night? These are what you want your IT services partner to work on.

Come Up with Response Plans

Another best practice that you certainly want to adopt is to have response plans in place. Say you have a server that has a lot of sensitive information in it. That server is hacked, and you have a data breach. What’s the response plan to find out what data was lost and what actions can be taken to mitigate the impact on your customers and your company? Having these types of plans in place in the event of a breach is going to help get your company ready.


Insurance is another thing that you want to consider very strongly. The market for cyber insurance has never been bigger, and it’s because companies are constantly trying to protect their data and assets. You may be liable to your customers if a hacker gets behind your firewall, onto your server, and steals a whole slew of sensitive data. Is that your fault? It’s not any more your fault than an accident that brings down your business office. Insurance in the cyber arena can help cover just that.

There are a lot of best practices that you can follow as a business owner. Our team at Xlingshot is ready to assist you every step of the way. Our expert IT services team in Denver is going to help you get educated on the risks that are out there. If a breach is ever attempted on your company, you will know you’re ready. Contact us today for more information.

Why Most Businesses Are Turning to IT Services Providers in Denver For Cloud Services

Cloud technology seems to be taking the business world by storm. Businesses are increasingly looking for IT services in Denver, particularly cloud computing. What’s so special about cloud technology to the extent of causing such a fuss? Computer-based storage and information-sharing programs are quite unreliable, judging from their vulnerability to security breaches and limited accessibility. The relevance of cloud computing to modern business activities is notable, due to the advantages businesses can get from it. Below are some of the benefits of the cloud:

Enhanced Data Retrieval and Sharing

Cloud computing continues to facilitate remote operations of business tasks. With cloud technology, you don’t always have to be in the office when working— business personnel can work from remote locations as opposed to the tradition of work being limited to the firm’s premises. The cloud provides remote servers that enable you to access relevant data using mobile devices. It provides a single pool from which authorized parties can access pertinent business information.

Easy and Convenient Data Access

Cloud technology guarantees access to information at any given time. With our reliable IT service team on board, you’re assured of minimum downtime and maximum efficiency. Traditional servers only allow access to data if you’re physically present in the office. This means that access is limited to office working hours. Cloud services give you maximum uptime, with unlimited authorized access to data. In this case, time and your physical location don’t impede data accessibility.

Improved Teamwork in the Corporate World

Teamwork or collaboration is an imperative aspect of business. Your business requires our IT services in Denver that provide a conducive environment for teamwork among personnel. The storage of data in online servers enables employees in different departments to share information. The flow of information between departments will improve your business operations. Teamwork facilitates effectiveness and efficiency among employees. Imagine a scenario in which employees access information from different storage locations. In this case, the workflow is likely to be less efficient as obtaining and combining pertinent data will be more difficult.

Cloud Computing Cuts Your Budget

The profitability of your business depends on cost management. Engaging in ventures that require heavy financial input can be suicidal, especially if the returns fail to cover the incurred costs. Therefore, the focus should be on low-budget but effective activities, particularly for small businesses. Cloud computing is cost-effective. The technology rids your business of costs incurred in managing internal servers, as well as obtaining and maintaining software and hardware requirements. Think of cloud computing as a single entity that can replace an extensive part of an IT department coupled with costly resources. In this case, you get enhanced efficiency at a considerably lower cost.

Conclusively, for your business to yield substantial benefit from cloud computing, you need to partner with our dependable IT services team in Denver. At Xlingshot, we provide a wide array of IT services, including cloud computing. You’re assured of credible expertise with a reputable service record in all things IT. Contact us for more information.

Maximizing Personnel Costs with IT Services in Denver

Your chief information officer (CIO) represents an important part of tech optimization. This individual can definitely save your business money through bettering tech operations; but depending on the size of your business, you may not be able to afford them. The average salary of a CIO is $162+ thousand annually. That’s over $13.5 thousand a month. They’re likely going to bring you definite value, but the size of your organization may make it such that this value isn’t requisite to the cost of the CIO. SMBs come against this difficulty regularly. However, our IT services team in Denver can provide you a virtual CIO.

Expanded Advantages

In contrast, a VCIO (Virtual Chief Information Officer) can essentially provide you the same services with the advantage of expanded available resources through the MSP they represent. Your internal CIO will only have what’s available to them through your operation’s acquisition. A VCIO has access to equipment and information designed to meet the needs of multiple diverse clientele, meaning they’re likely to have a greater ability than an internal CIO can.

Unfettered CIOs

Something else that a VCIO can do is free up time for your internal CIO. Large businesses can afford both services, and ultimately together, they are likely to yield greater value. An internal CIO can focus on bettering your business in a technological sense, rather than playing catch-up as a thousand little issues crop up. Meanwhile, the VCIO can handle operational troubleshooting, security, and general system’s maintenance.

Expense Reduction

Internal CIOs have to attain financial support to remain cutting-edge, and they’re likely already short-handed and over-budget as it is.

However, our IT services team in Denver can provide affordable CIO services that will reduce operational expense and expand profitability through compartmentalized professionalism. Also, a VCIO is continuously honing their craft.

Providing VCIO services, our team works with enough clients that in a natural sense, new information and technique is translated to tech professionals providing solutions. We strive to provide the latest technology solutions and techniques to our diverse clientele.

An Increasingly Popular Solution

At Xlingshot, we provide VCIO services, among other IT services in Denver. There are a number of reasons for this, some outlined earlier include expense reduction, greater operational advantages, and unfettered CIOs. If you really want to optimize your business, it makes sense to find areas where tech professionals can provide more solid, reliable solutions than those you can source internally. Contact us now to see what savings VCIO solutions can bring your business.

How IT Services in Denver Can Provide Superior, Value-Rich Support

The right IT services in Denver can totally revitalize your business, and as a managed service provider (MSP), this is our primary aim. We offer top-tier technology support that functions in a sort of turnkey way. Basically, instead of running all your technology through an internalized tech solution, you can work with us to design the best IT infrastructure possible. Several chief advantages of managing your technology needs in this way include:

  • Conservation of resources
  • Service that is more personalized
  • Swifter help

Conservation of Resources

When you source IT services in Denver, you’re getting diversely-informed expertise which caters to a diverse clientele. Think of it like going to a mechanic’s shop, as opposed to acquiring the necessary tools and training to complete complex fixes or builds in your own garage. Unless you’ve got resources to spare and time to learn how to use those resources, going to the mechanic will ultimately save you money and help you maximize your time. It’s precisely the same with our services. We bring to the table expertise and the right tools for the job of managing your IT at a monthly cost. This saves you tens of thousands of dollars.

Service That is More Personalized

Internal IT departments have difficulty personalizing services because they’re playing catch-up so much that it’s all they can do to remain ahead of developing issues. Forward development is very difficult. The best personalized service you can expect from them is adherence to your wishes. Meanwhile, as an MSP, we remain competitive, as prime customer service is our core prerogative. We personalize our offerings for clients.

Swifter Help

Many internal options are, as earlier mentioned, playing some level of “catch-up”. Accordingly, they’ll get to you when they can get to you. On the other hand, we can provide you the swiftest resolution to any issues you’re experiencing with every degree of swiftness we can provide. With superior resources, technology, and personnel, it’s more feasible to expect the results you seek through our managed service solutions. Also, we can help keep you up-to-date on shifting trends in the industry. This is especially important in terms of patches, as well as effective security.

Upgrading Your Tech Solution

Our IT services in Denver at Xlingshot can provide you with faster help, more personalized service delivery than most internal options can manage, and a reduced operational cost through conservation of resources. Contact us now for better technology at a reduced operational cost.