Benefits of Partnering with an IT Services Firm in Denver

Our IT services firm in Denver offers many benefits for small to medium-sized businesses. Instead of trying to handle technical issues with an in-house IT department, you can rely on trusted professionals who specialize in IT support and also enable companies to reach their full potential with the latest technology.

Improve Efficiency

Instead of trying to achieve everything on your own, we can give your business access to the best technology available. Your business will receive frequent updates, which will improve technology and boost employee efficiency.

Reduce Expenses

Our IT services firm in Denver can also reduce expenses within an organization. For example, your business will be able to create a realistic IT budget. It is because you will only pay a fixed monthly rate for our services. It is also more cost-efficient than the typical break-fix model, which can lead to unexpected expenses and make it challenging to stay within the budget. You don’t even have to hire more IT personnel because we have a crew of IT professionals who have experience, skills, and education. It just means that when you stop hiring more persons, it will result in significant cost savings in terms of payroll, as well as vacation days, insurance, benefits, or overtime.

Always Available

You can have our IT support always to help troubleshoot any issues and answer questions because we know that technical problems can happen at any moment. Whether you need help in the middle of the day or late at night, we are just one phone call away. Ultimately, this can yield a tremendous reduction in downtime as you receive the help you need immediately without waiting on hold or having to try again until the next business day.

Gain Competitive Edge

It is no secret that the business world is highly competitive. As an IT services firm, we are committed to helping our clients to have a competitive advantage over their competitors. For example, instead of using outdated services, you get access to the best technology, which can boost productivity and allow your business to operate with greater efficiency. You will not be behind the latest trends. We can enable your business to keep up with the continual changes in the IT world.

Our IT services firm in Denver offers many advantages for your business. Instead of struggling to keep up with the latest technology on your own, you’ll gain access to the latest technology. At Xlingshot, Inc., we specialize in helping companies reach new levels of success while also receiving protection against the vast amount of cyber threats. Our IT staff is always available and will happily guide you in the many ways technology can impact your business. Feel free to contact our team to learn more about how we can help your business succeed.

IT Services in Denver Can Help Your Business in Many Ways

You may not have figured it out yet, but IT services in Denver is an imperative aspect that can determine the growth trends and continuity of services pertinent to your business.

Presumably, you’re already aware that IT constitutes an integral part of your business, with the potential of determining its success or failure. Like most business owners, you may not be familiar with the technicalities associated with IT— this is the reason you might have hired an IT guy or team of experts. However, your IT troubles double if the IT team is incompetent and can’t manage your system without email issues, information loss, malware, Internet connectivity hitches, and other IT problems your system may be susceptible to.

Defects in your IT system can derail progress in your business and more technical problems can be extensively complicated to solve. This is why you need a credible IT services team that can advise you on how to benefit sufficiently from your system by using it appropriately. You may not have time to address the technical discrepancies embedded in your systems. Additionally, in most cases, you may not have the relevant technical know-how regarding how best to deploy IT to enhance your business with minimal problems.

Without appropriate IT services in Denver, your business becomes more susceptible to security hacks, inefficiency, and virus attacks among other problems. The IT environment is dynamic and adopts extensive sophistication by the day. Therefore, it becomes even harder to handle system defects without helpful information and interventions from experts like, in this case, IT consultancy and support service providers. The big question pertains to the relevant interventions that might work effectively towards gearing your business to use IT more productively, with minimal technical hitches.

Outsourcing IT Consultancy Services

This is probably the most feasible answer to solving IT problems in your business. Your internal IT guy may be too economical or modest when handling system processes and defects, so you need extensive technical expertise deployed in your business. With the advent of the wide use of technology in the modern business world, outsourcing IT services is slowly becoming a paramount necessity as opposed to being an option. Outsourcing IT can help steer your business towards a prosperous future by aligning your business objectives and organizational culture with IT. Outsourcing guarantees your utmost protection from most IT security threats. You should make it an option the next time you’re seeking answers to your IT issues.

Conduct Regular Appraisals

A regular assessment of your IT system will enable you to identify potential threats, as well as monitor the progress and productivity of technology in your business. In this case, the competence of your IT team will also be determinable. You’ll be in a vantage position as far as the identification of threats and IT management costs is concerned.

For reliable and effective IT services in Denver, trust us at Xlingshot. We offer an array of services, including consultancy and cloud computing. Our primary goal is to remain proactive in ensuring that your IT system is secure and works efficiently. To learn more about how we can help your business, contact us today.

How an IT Consulting Firm in Denver can Prevent a Data Breach That has the Potential to Bankrupt Your Business

It has never been more important to protect your business against a data breach. A breach has the potential to prove inconvenient, expensive and incredibly frustrating. It is even possible for a single data breach to bankrupt your business. Don’t let this happen! Our IT consulting firm in Denver can help combat data breach attempts and keep your business functioning without interruption.

Determining the Breach’s Overall Cost

The aggregate cost of a breach can’t be accurately determined unless a number of factors are considered. A recent data breach study conducted by the Ponemon Institute and IBM shows the average cost of a data breach is about $7 million. The average cost per compromised record is $220. Some costs are direct, while others are indirect. In some cases, money is spent to assist the victims and reduce the impact of data loss. There are also indirect costs like wasted resource time and damage to the company reputation. The lasting effects of a breach extend beyond restoring lost information. There are all sorts of additional costs that manifest in the days, months, and years to come.

Data Breach Costs: Lost Business

A significant data breach will send customers fleeing to competitors. Furthermore, those who were considering your company will likely move on to the next candidate after they learn of your data loss.

The Cost of PR Damage Control

There are also costs involved in notifying clients and any others that their personal data has been breached. Plenty of companies that endure a data breach ally with a PR company to handle interactions with victims, media, staff and other parties.

Data Breaches Disrupt the Flow of Businesses

The reduction in employee productivity and subsequent lost revenue will seriously disrupt your business. Costs can stem from a business process failure, lost clients, frustrated employees who look for work elsewhere and so on. The bottom line is disrupting the flow of business will negatively impact your business in all sorts of ways. Our IT consulting firm in Denver can help you prevent that from happening.

Stolen Revenue

A breached network might also allow hackers to access business accounts. In fact, sophisticated hackers might be able to transfer funds right out of the company’s accounts.

Legal Costs

Most data breaches require the assistance of at least one attorney. If a class-action lawsuit is filed, the assistance of several attorneys will be necessary.

Regulatory Fines

It is possible for regulatory fines to be applied to businesses in certain industries and niches. Noncompliance fines can be quite costly. You won’t have to worry about dealing with regulatory agencies like the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) or the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) if you have solid digital security protections in place to thwart data breach attempts.

Identity Theft Monitoring and Repair

Businesses are required to perform follow-up measures after client data breaches. Otherwise, the victims would be that much more likely to have their identity stolen. Your business might have to pay for credit monitoring, the reissue of cards or another form of repair.

Worry no more— Xlingshot is here for your IT needs. We are an IT consulting firm in Denver that provides IT services, data security, cloud computing, enhanced collaboration and many more. Contact us today for more details.

How an IT Consulting Firm in Denver Can Save You Time and Money

Most entrepreneurs cringe at the idea of outsourcing their IT functions. Small business owners who start their businesses cherish the idea of being in total control of their startups. Unfortunately, it might be disadvantageous to handle some specialized functions in-house, especially, in cases where the firm does not have the capability to handle such functions. Outsourcing to us at Xlingshot, an IT consulting firm in Denver, is an option worth considering.

Startups share one constraint in common; they lack the resources needed to establish a robust in-house IT department to offer the IT support needed by their businesses. For those that have in-house IT teams, their teams are too busy putting out day-to-day fires. They lack the expertise and resources needed to offer comprehensive IT support. As a business owner, you will realize that your firm’s expenditure on IT is not improving the productivity, competitiveness, or efficiency of your business. Therefore, there is no need for you to tie up crucial business resources supporting the functions of a department, whose output does not directly improve your bottom line.

Outsourcing IT Saves Time

The first benefit of outsourcing to our IT consulting firm in Denver is that such a move will save you time. You might be wondering how exactly such a move will save time. Let us explain:

  • It allows you to focus on your core business – Since IT is not the core competency of your business, there is no need for you to tie your limited resources to this support function. Outsourcing your non-core IT function to us will free your IT staff. This will allow them to take care of more pressing day-to-day functions that require their immediate attention.
  • It affords you skilled professional and state-of-the-art resources – Access to professionals who know exactly what they are doing, while doing their work using the latest technology, will ensure that your IT issues are resolved within the shortest time possible. Access to us and our infrastructure will ensure that downtime and system breakdowns are kept to a minimum.

Outsourcing Saves Money

Small business owners are often intimidated to approach MSPs for fear that they charge an arm and a leg. This is not entirely true; the cost of hiring an MSP like us is lower than having a fully-fledged in-house IT. The Service Level Agreement (SLA) signed between you and our IT company will give you access to all our resources. Considering the fact that IT is our core function, we will no doubt have state-of-the-art infrastructure, stay up-to-date with the developments in the field of IT, and have experienced technicians in our payroll.

When you partner with us at Xlingshot, you will have access to all of these and more. Having all these in-house is an expenditure that your small business cannot afford right now. As seen above, outsourcing your IT to us is a move that will save you time and money. Why? We are an IT consulting firm in Denver dedicated to ensuring that our clients enjoy excellent IT support. Do you want to enjoy these benefits? Contact us today for more information.

Advantages of IT Consulting in Denver

Specific Advantages

IT consulting in Denver is integral to profitability in your IT applications. While there are certain areas of life where you can sort of “wing it,” hope for the best, and find some positive result, there are other areas that require a deft, experienced hand to properly manage. One of those areas is Information Technology, which is constantly in flux and has been since the initial advent of computational technology. In order to maximize your IT advantage, you really need an experienced hand. Doing as much will yield benefits like:

  • Diminished initial cost (including training, hardware, and software)
  • Diminished ongoing expenses (including maintenance, licensing, support and hosting)
  • More cost-effective upgrades over system lifespans
  • In-depth value propositions maximizing employee utility of tech
  • Decreased system risks, including mitigating costs

A Closer Look

When you incorporate IT consulting in Denver, you can avoid overpaying in areas of hardware, software, and training. As you go to purchase systems, you’ll come against salespeople whose prerogative it is to sell you the most expensive system they have available— this means a higher commission for them. If they’re any good at their job and you aren’t an IT expert yourself, at the very least, they’ll be able to make a compelling enough argument to force you into shopping through multiple tech agencies that offer solutions. You’ll lose time. Even if you get a good buy in terms of hardware, if you don’t have specific software experience, it’s a sure bet you’ll end up purchasing solutions that have flaws which a consultant could have helped you avoid.

Poor hardware and software— either too much or too little for your needs— will domino into ongoing expenses that simply are not necessary. You’ll have licensing issues, support issues that have trouble helping you due to non-streamlined systems implementation, and as a result, will likely run into hosting difficulties. When you purpose an upgrade to fix the problems, it’s likely you’ll run into the same difficulties from another angle.

The more you have to upgrade, re-outfit, re-train and introduce new systems integration, the more risk you put your systems at, and the higher costs will be which mitigate your ability to use the tech you’ve purchased.

The Road More Traveled

Tech companies oftentimes understand that their clients have little or no knowledge of the technology they need. This is another reason they’ve developed this overselling habit. Why do you need the most expensive desktop on the market if all your employees will be doing is word-processing? Likewise, why are you trying to do graphic design on a netbook purchased for $100 from the Best Buy? Under-buying or over-buying are both going to cost you.

Sourcing Worthwhile Local Consultation

When you’ve decided to go with a service offering IT consulting in Denver, you want to find an agency with real-world experience backing up their claimed services. At Xlingshot, we offer this real-world experience, along with comprehensive consulting services designed to ensure that you get the most value for the least necessary expense, facilitating successful integration of worthwhile tech solutions. Contact us today for more information.

An Investment in IT Consulting in Denver Pays Enormous Dividends

Anyone who has worked in IT consulting in Denver has heard clients state that something isn’t a true problem until it is a problem. Too many people are reactive as opposed to proactive. There’s no sense in waiting for tech to malfunction or for hackers to breach the network and subsequently act after the fact. If this sounds anything like your company’s leaders, the time to take preventative action is now.

The Problem with the Break-Fix Mentality

Nothing frustrates IT consulting experts in Denver, like our team in Xlingshot, more than the break-fix mentality— the failure to address potential problems before they unravel results in a considerable loss of money, time, and effort. This mentality also leads to unnecessarily complicated challenges. It’s much easier to prevent a tech-oriented mess from occurring than it is to clean it up.

If you own or manage a business, it’s imperative that you make use of tech solutions that address potential issues before they manifest. Otherwise, you’ll be left with a potentially devastating problem that has the potential to undermine your business.

IT Matters Even if Something Doesn’t Go Wrong

There’s a commonly held misconception about IT employees don’t really matter until something breaks. Those who believe IT only matters when disruptions occur don’t understand the true value of a talented tech team. The value of IT experts partially lies in their ability to prevent costly problems from rearing their ugly heads.

Imagine the impact of a network breach that puts your clients’ sensitive data in the hands of evil-doers. Such hackers could sell the data to identity thieves. Or, maybe the data theft will result in the loss of valuable client relationships. Consider a scenario in which your network suffers extensive downtime that significantly reduces employee productivity. These types of scenarios can be avoided with the assistance of our IT professionals who understand potential threats, know how to assess them in the proper manner, and institute formidable safeguards.

In the end, IT superstars really are money-makers in their own right. Give us the chance to prevent costly problems from unfolding and your business will ultimately benefit. Invest in IT and you’ll have a scalable, cost-effective solution that secures your business and provides extensive opportunities for growth.

Don’t Hesitate To Ask for Help

Small to medium-sized businesses often lack sufficient in-house IT talent. Relying on an understaffed IT team or a team with limited knowledge is a catastrophic mistake. Don’t assume your business is too small to be targeted by hackers. Cyber criminals target businesses of all sizes. Team up with us and you’ll have a tech team at your disposal to manage every type of nuanced challenge.

We’re Here for Your Business

Whether you have an IT emergency, require network troubleshooting, improved network security or anything else IT-related, you can rely on our IT aficionados to get the job done without delay. At Xlingshot, we can prevent problems from arising and mitigate the fallout when emergencies occur. The true colors of your IT consulting in Denver are on full display when disaster strikes. Our aim is to exceed your expectations to the point that you are inspired to recommend our business to colleagues and friends. Reach out to us today to schedule an initial consultation.

Find IT Consulting in Denver That Can Help You Secure Your Business with Vulnerability and Penetration Tests

Identifying Vulnerability

IT consulting in Denver, like what we offer at Xlingshot, represents an integral component of ensuring that systems are functioning securely. Here’s the deal: no system is invulnerable. Because of entropy, the most secure system in the world still has some quotient of weakness, even if that weakness is merely gradual obsolescence. While it’s impossible to entirely curtail this reality, it’s possible to substantially diminish the areas of your operations which represent a vulnerability. But this will require a concerted effort. Additionally, there are several types of testing ultimately necessary for greatest security. Primarily, these tests fall into two categories: vulnerability testing and penetration testing. Ideally, you want to regularly conduct tests in both categories.

The Vulnerability Test

A vulnerability test commonly incorporates software solutions which probe your systems for weakness. These can be conducted either by in-house IT personnel or an exterior agency like us at Xlingshot. Allowing an exterior agency to conduct the test makes sense for a variety of reasons. Firstly, such provisions represent an area of profitability for them. Secondly, they’ll encounter common issues experienced by multiple clients, which can ultimately save your business from issues internal vulnerability testing may not be able to catch.

The Penetration Test

Penetration testing is often abbreviated “pen-test” in the tech community. It’s a more intense version of the vulnerability test and is usually conducted during regular operations to ensure the greatest accuracy. Think of this testing method like a pseudo-hack. Basically, a tech company sends in an operative who functions like a malicious hacker would in real life, but without damaging your systems. They try every possible method to break into your system and, when finished, show you where any points of weakness are and how you can avoid them.

When Should I Test?

According to Moore’s Law, technology doubles on itself about every 18 months or so. As tech advances, systems that were once secure become subject to new vulnerabilities. In WWII, the Germans constructed the most steampunk encryption method on the planet: the Enigma machine.

The Enigma machine was so successful at encoding data that the allies had to invent the first computer just to crack it. Now, both this computer and the enigma machine are obsolete, because computational tech has advanced beyond either. It has advanced exponentially, and at a predictable rate which is still comparable to Moore’s law. What this means is that ensuring system security requires regular intervals of testing, as new weaknesses will gradually multiply on themselves with each passing month.

In order to most cohesively combat this phenomenon, you’re going to want to conduct tests about every quarter. Another rule of thumb is to conduct them whenever an upgrade is brought to bear, or new tech is introduced to your system. Enlisting the services of our IT consulting firm in Denver is recommended, as you’ll be using our offerings regularly over the years.

Choosing Your System’s Testing Agency

For maximum effectiveness, you want a systems tester that incorporates:

  • Vulnerability Testing
  • Penetration Testing
  • Dependability in Testing Intervals

For IT consulting in Denver, we at Xlingshot offer comprehensive systems testing of both the vulnerability and penetration variety. We can identify your system’s strengths and weaknesses. Through this process, you can escape from hacks that compromise system security and could end up capsizing your operations. For more information about how we can help your business, feel free to contact us.

IT Consulting in Denver Can Help You Prevent the Cost of Avoiding an Upgrade

Squeeze Too Tight and You’ll Lose Your Grip

Our IT consulting team in Denver can help you maximize the utility of your technology systems by ensuring that you get the most use out of them, while also not maintaining them beyond obsolescence. Maintaining old systems too long— clinging too tightly— will eventually rescind your ability to properly control or benefit from them. There’s a “sweet spot” which differs from business to business, and without professional assistance, it can be difficult to determine just where your sweet spot lies.

Do your operations use primarily Windows or Macintosh applications? Believe it or not, some computers retain their value much longer than others. However, this value retention isn’t so much confined to a specific brand as it is to how the tech is used, how your company is expanding, and what your budgetary limitations are.

What’s definitely true is that you can keep obsolete systems in use long after they’ve quit being an asset to your company. In fact, this happens more often than not. The reasons why maintaining systems beyond obsolescence is bad may surprise you.

Costs of Support and Maintenance

If you want to restore a classic car with a carburetor, you have to find a mechanic that knows how to work on those old machines— that or learn how to initiate the repair yourself. This isn’t easy and it’ll likely be more expensive. Computers are the same, but to an even greater degree.

According to Moore’s law, technology doubles on itself every 18 months or so. This means antiquated computer systems become antiquated quickly, and you may not be able to find a specialist, should you need one if you’ve failed to upgrade your systems in time. Here’s a development many business owners overlook: CDs and DVDs are being phased out these days. Operating system upgrades today are commonly conducted via download.

This phase-out transition won’t fully mature for a few more years, but eventually, disc-based systems will be as obsolete as the record. Not upgrading your systems will eventually make it so that you can’t upgrade your systems.

Security Losses

What’s harder to hack: a slide lock, a padlock, a combination lock, or an encryption? With each technological upgrade, security increases. But as things become more secure, hackers figure out new ways around such protection measures. A padlock is broken with bolt cutters. A combination lock is overcome by a safe cracker. These days, there are apps you can download on your phone which can hack encryption that isn’t to the highest standard. Refraining from upgrading here can really cost you. Our IT consulting firm in Denver can help you apply the right level of security.

Decreased Performance

This is probably the most obvious downside of using tech systems until they become obsolete. An extra five seconds of load time on a web page could become an hour’s lost productivity on a daily basis

Ensuring All Systems Are Up-To-Date

At Xlingshot, our IT consulting team in Denver can help maintain the highest profitability by providing:

  • Cost-Effective Maintenance and Repair
  • Qualitative Security
  • Enhanced Performance

Optimization costs that are properly informed will be more profitable for you in the long run. Contact us for consultation that will help you find and maintain your ideal tech balance.