IT Consulting in Denver Might be the Missing Piece to Your Business Puzzle

Just about every type of business can benefit from IT consulting in Denver. The typical business’s IT needs are dynamic rather than static, meaning they constantly change as new challenges arise. IT needs to evolve over time as businesses change and grow, shrink or stagnate. Everything from updated network security to shifting to the cloud, to compliance, safeguarding customer data, and troubleshooting hardware/software issues require the assistance of true IT gurus.

Our IT Professionals Give Your Business a Much-Needed Edge

Think of all the possible situations in which an IT issue can slow your productivity, put client data in jeopardy, and generally bring work to a standstill. Your network, computers and software are vitally important to your productivity and success as an organization. Our IT consulting firm in Denver is here to give you a leg up on the competition. Companies that make use of the latest tech breakthroughs and tap into the expertise of our skilled IT professionals will stand a much greater chance of stealing market share from competitors. An alliance with the our IT gurus will thwart security threats as rapidly as possible, prevent network downtime and generally improve workplace efficiency. These are the advantages your business needs!

Meet Your Potential

It’s awfully difficult for organizations to grow when IT problems pop up. Complex tech issues often saddle an otherwise efficient organization. Think of all those instances in which a tech snafu chewed into the precious time of your personnel. IT challenges have the potential to bring efficiency to a grinding halt for hours or even days on end. Don’t let this happen to your organization time and time again! The assistance of our IT consultants will help your business reach its true potential.

Let our tech gurus handle the IT, hardware and software challenges so you and your team can steer your focus to pleasing clients and improving your products/services. This way, you can use technology to your advantage rather than spending your limited time attempting to solve nuanced tech problems that should be left to those who understand such challenges in-depth.

A Flexible Workforce

The beauty of allying with us is that you can tap into a knowledgeable group of tech aficionados whenever necessary. This means you won’t have to employ an array of in-house tech professionals at all times. You can shape your in-house staff as necessary, knowing our IT consultants will always be ready to help. This is exactly what every business needs in the quest for growth. You’ll be able to decrease or increase the size of your staff as your company evolves over time. We will accommodate business spikes or slowdowns as necessary. This is exactly what you need to preserve money, time, and effort across the long haul.

We are Here to Help

As a leading company when it comes to IT consulting in Denver, Xlingshot might be the missing puzzle piece you need. Tap into the skills and knowledge of our IT experts and you’ll find that all sorts of different operational aspects become much more efficient. You’ll be surprised as to how far our IT alterations and improvements reach into your organization. The ultimate result of this alliance will be enhanced digital security, the ability to work quicker, and an improved understanding of the high-tech machinery your business relies upon to serve clients. Contact us today and see for yourself!

Understand HIPAA Compliance with an IT Consulting Firm in Denver

The Government Holds You Responsible

Here’s the thing: HIPAA is complicated, and it’s confusingly worded in some places to seem optional, while in others to seem ironclad. Usually, what seems optional has to do with means of implementation, but realistically, there isn’t anything that can be negotiated. If you’re found in violation of anything HIPAA-related, an audit could cost you quite a bit. They know the law and they’re going to go above and beyond in order to ensure complete compliance. But having us, as your IT consulting partner in Denver can help your business to follow legal guidelines pertaining to the tech industry completely.

The government should be your friend, but reality isn’t fantasy land. The reality is there’s a cash-cow here, and bureaucrats with pens to push (or laptops to type on) are fully aware of this. Check this out: not only do hackers target healthcare practices for information specifically, but 9 out of 10 were subject to hacks in only a two-year period. Certainly, it’s bad enough having your information compromised, but do you want to have government fines thrown atop that as well? Because the nature of private information in healthcare providers’ servers is protected under HIPAA regulations, and the act’s confusing wording has in some part been responsible for these breaches.

The specific area where many healthcare providers trip up is entitled “Required and Addressable Specifications.” Why do healthcare providers trip over this? Well, it’s redundant. Why would something be addressable and required? The secondary word in the title implies compliance isn’t necessary, but that’s not how the section reads. So, many healthcare providers don’t implement that aspect of HIPAA, then get financially backhanded when the audit comes.

Office Compliance

Another area where businesses get undercut by HIPAA is office compliance measures. Sometimes, your information has to go out of state to a conference, and sometimes you’ve got to take it home with you. Oftentimes when this happens, you may end up neglecting to follow compliance protocols as you would in-house. If this is uncovered during an audit, expect it to be costly.

Our IT consulting firm in Denver understands HIPAA backwards and forwards, and we can help you save time, money, and perhaps even your practice. Make no mistake, though ostensibly for the protection of information among patients, HIPAA also represents an opportunity for the government to milk you till you’re almost dry, and in complete legality. When 9 out of 10 practices are subject to data breaches in a two-year span, the pencil-pusher in Washington who needs to come up with some funds basically has only to draw a name out of a hat.

HIPAA Differs by State

Another thing to keep in mind: HIPAA stipulations differ state by state. So, if your organization has a home office that seems to have its little ducks in a row when it comes to this bureaucratic detail, it turns out you can’t trust them implicitly— there’s likely some change between states. As a general rule, the more populous the state, the more stringent and complicated the legal measures surrounding HIPAA will be.

At Xlingshot, our IT consulting team in Denver is experienced enough with these matters which is fundamentally necessary. We specialize in ensuring all practices are in full compliance, and even “go the extra mile.” Want to learn more? Contact us today!

How to Carefully Choose the Right IT Consulting in Denver for Your Business

Large and medium-sized organizations are increasingly turning to managed IT service providers to control and maintain their enterprise communication systems. Understanding what’s required of your IT consulting in Denver is essential. How the outsourced companies go about their business determines how your experience with them turns out, and it could be great or it could turn out to be a nightmare.

Organizations must find out if their managed service provider is equipped to handle the sophisticated nature of your business. Regular scrutinizing of your managed service provider is essential to ensure that there are no security breaches and compliance is always high to meet the needs of your company.
To ensure that everything runs smoothly, your managed IT service provider should be able to do the following:


The ideal managed service provider should be flexible in a way that their approach to different clients matches with the clients’ requirements and goals. This should include flexible technological alternatives such as cloud-based hosting, installed on the premises or both.

Focus on Customer Performance and Growth

Most managed IT service providers’ ambitions don’t match with your organizations goals and objectives. They’re only there for the profit motive and not to give you the best services. The ideal managed service provider should recommend the best and most suitable new technologies for your organization, help businesses in the application of advanced technology such as unified communications, and contact center technologies, which generate revenue and profitability.

Customer-Centric Orientation and Mindset

A reliable IT consulting firm in Denver — like us at Xlingshot— should be readily available to sort out your issues whenever they arise. They should also be fast in responding to situations and their troubleshooting capabilities should be effective.


Your ideal managed IT service provider should have experience in handling confidential information and have the necessary mechanism necessary to protect your sensitive data.

Predictable Budget

An ideal managed service provider should be transparent in cost discussions. They shouldn’t include hidden costs for services that are in the contractual agreements. Managed IT service providers should offer unlimited software licensing which increases scalability among its users without any hidden or additional costs.


It’s important for an organization to demand greater accountability from their MSP. This is due to the huge accountability demands they face from shareholders, stakeholders, and regulators demand. Accountability features that ideal MSPs should show include:

  • Performance guarantees via SLAs
  • Actual network view
  • Transparency of tools, processes and expertise

Your MSP should strive to give you solutions to most, if not all, your IT problems. Essentially, an MSP which solves part of the solution is usually part of the problem when the issue when it arises again. Accountability on the part of the MSP will ensure that finger pointing does not ensue.


In the current business environment, it’s important to have a service provider with a host of technologies and services that are suited to meet your organization’s individual needs. Not all IT consulting in Denver can provide that. Those that can, ensure that you achieve your organization’s growth and profitability goals. We at Xlingshot will help you achieve just that. Contact us today for more information.

Have an Office in Your Pocket with the Help of Your IT Consulting Firm in Denver


IT consulting in Denver are going to be an increasing necessity as your business grows. But every business must climb that initial hill to profitability. It’s nice to have a secretary, it’s nice to have a second-in-command… shoot, it’s nice to have any employees, but until your business has made it to a level sufficient for the sustenance of profitable activity, this is a cost you probably can’t afford. What happens as a result? Well, when you’re starting out, you end up doing most of the work yourself. Selling, presenting, and organizing must be done by you and you only. Thankfully, modern tech solutions make this more doable than it has been.


Your smartphone has more technological capability than the entirety of NASA when man initially went to the moon. It’s got more power than iMacs in their multi-colored housings circa 2000 A.D. In point of fact, modern smartphones are rivaling the laptops available on the market even in the last decade— granted, these are going to be the less expensive options.

Still, right now, the most powerful smartphone on the market is likely the Mate 9. This phone has a 1.8GHz processor and 4GB of Random Access Memory (RAM). It’s got 64 gigs storage, which can be expanded to 256GB with an SD card. For reference, some of the newer Lenovo IdeaPads only have twice the RAM and four times the storage of the Mate 9’s highest level. As far as processing power is concerned, you’re looking at between 2.4 and 3.6 GHz. That’s between 1.3 and 2 times the processing power of the Mate 9. Basically, you’ve got all the power of a laptop from top-of-the-line producers only a few years ago with this phone. And you can get them super cheap under contract— likely for less money than a laptop like the IdeaPad.

Maximizing Resources

So, using a phone like that, our IT consulting firm in Denver can determine what kind of applications you can upload. You may find there are more than you expected which can facilitate things like:

  • Taking Notes and Composing Documents
  • Making Sales
  • Giving Presentations

Evernote is an application you can download on a phone like the Mate 9 which will allow you to take notes and share them on virtually any computer. Square allows you to run credit cards from your phone, so you can sell a guy on an airplane, in a cab, or on the street if the opportunity comes. With MightyMeeting, you can compose up to a 60-slide PowerPoint presentation, and go even larger if you get the pro version. A lot of applications like this have data reservoirs on the cloud, which allows you to spare no expense in the composition of such presentations. You can literally dream one up on the ride from your home to the meeting, and it’ll look like you spent hours on it.

Consultation, Implementation, And More

At Xlingshot, our IT consulting firm in Denver need not assist you only with in-house server arrays or transitioning an established office to the cloud. You can also maximize your technological powers with that which you have, and so grow your business to the level you seek. Contact us for assistance establishing yourself in the ever-expanding technological wonderland of today.

Here’s Why Our IT Consulting Firm in Denver Recommends Cloud Computing

Technology Seasons

IT consulting in Denver— like what we offer at Xlingshot— has become more cutting-edge in recent years than perhaps anyone in the region expected. A lot of that has to do with a massive population spike that is still affecting the region. Almost like refugees, the Californians come and they bring economic needs with them. Accordingly, businesses have begun springing up like green plants under a UV light, and so, a burgeoning technology industry is characterizing the area.

The season of the region is “spring,” if you will. To extend the analogy, Detroit’s season as pertains to manufacturing technology is currently “winter.” With any tech, ebbs and flows facilitate booms and busts collateral to tech, politics, and associated economic trends. Something that pushes these seasons is technology development. Right now, it isn’t yet “midsummer” for cloud computing, and as a result, there is still a great deal of advantages to be had.

The next tech iteration has yet to come on the scene, and especially in Colorado right now, cloud computing solutions are proving an effective, cost-reducing game-changer. There are a lot of angles to look at this from. Let’s consider collaboration for this writing. Several ways cloud computing facilitates collaboration include:

  • Cost reduction
  • Developing tech access for increased productivity
  • Better technology utility and security

Cost Reduction

Collaboration between users and other businesses can be expensive in terms of time when it’s “clunky.” This is an over-simplistic example but imagine trying to open a file made on a Mac on your Windows computer. Sure, if you’re using Microsoft Word, you won’t have too many issues, but what if you’re trying to open a Mac-based word-processor file? You’ll have to either use a surrogate program, copy-paste the file or use some other time-dragging measure. Our IT consulting team in Denver recommends the cloud because it instantly puts everyone on the same page and saves collateral hours lost in useless file management, rather than utility.

Developing Tech

At Xlingshot, we want our clients to have continual access to the latest cloud computing solutions. Many MSPs have the same prerogative. The truth is that remaining cutting-edge is a competitive necessity that’s core to both MSPs and cloud providers. Accordingly, businesses working with such organizations will have immediate access to the newest services as they become available. This facilitates considerable competitive edge, especially in a developing region like Denver.

Better Technology Utility and Security

You can go about sourcing cloud computing solutions on your own, but if you don’t know the full potential of what you’ve transitioned to, you’re likely leaving money on the table. What if installing a small app could technologically outsource an entire department of your business, and you didn’t know this because nobody told you? Second, in terms of security, there are many hidden vulnerabilities that are just plain hard to see internally. We at Xlingshot can help you identify them and avoid being undermined incidentally.

Getting Ahead of the Pack

At Xlingshot, our IT consulting team in Denver can help you get “ahead of the game” in terms of cloud utility. Contact us for the latest tech solutions. We can both optimize and secure your business in ways that ultimately conserve costs that are otherwise unavoidable.

Securing Your Cloud Computing Infrastructure with IT Support in Denver

Running your IT processes in the cloud comes with a significant degree of flexibility, but it also includes the need for heightening security to protect your IT systems. In response to this development, IT support in Denver is also needed to secure your data in the cloud. However, to ensure the security of your cloud computing infrastructure, it is imperative for you to understand cloud computing systems and how they function.

With a proper understanding of cloud computing technologies, you can partner with a qualified IT support provider to meet your specific needs.

Here are the top tips to secure your cloud computing IT environment:

Partner with a Specialized Cloud Security Provider

With so many IT support providers in Denver, you need to find the right provider to help you secure your cloud environment. An ideal partner must have a proven track record in cloud security and provide an optimized cloud computing environment with built-in encryption and anti-malware software. Your cloud computing system should include dedicated servers with security controls in which data is transferred securely across networks as needed.

Also, a firewall should be part of your cloud servers in order to restrict unauthorized access from malicious actors in cyberspace. Creating access controls is also necessary to limit the access of various departments to the specific systems and information relevant to them. This ensures that cases of unauthorized access by your employees are limited. Also, hackers cannot take over your cloud infrastructure when a single department is hacked.

Set Up Several Data Access Points and Policies

Access is a critical aspect of IT systems, so your cloud infrastructure should be accessible to your employees at all times. However, access should be limited by varying levels of permissions with individual user accounts. Setting limited authorization with multiple user accounts ensures that your system is protected by having them access segments of your cloud system.

This setup also protects your cloud system from being compromised in case one account is hacked. Keeping access permissions updated and on par with industry standards also ensures that your system will be protected from potential data losses in case user accounts are compromised.

Susceptibility Testing

You need to test your network system to identify potential security risks. Testing your system for security vulnerabilities is critical to ensure that your cloud infrastructure can withstand hacking attempts. Identifying security weaknesses will help you revise and strengthen your cloud security.

Enforce Compliance Certifications

Data security in the cloud cannot be attained without following industry compliance standards. Your cloud service provider should have top-level compliance certifications, especially PCI DSS and SOC 2 Type II. Renting your cloud infrastructure from a provider with compliance certifications ensures that your cloud environment meets security management standards for a high level of data security.

Cloud storage is critical for secure data storage, but you need to take the steps above to ensure that your cloud infrastructure can withstand security risks. At Xlingshot Inc., we offer IT support services in Denver that can secure your cloud environment. Contact us now us to learn more.

How IT Consulting in Denver Can Help Your Business to Move Forward

There are certain things that you simply want to rely on a professional for when it comes to running a business. Information technology is absolutely one of them. Your company’s IT infrastructure is arguably the most important part of your entire operation. Without your IT up and running, you’re going to be lacking the backbone of your enterprise, what allows you to keep track of customers, inventory, orders, receivables, accounts payable, and so on. You want to hire IT consulting professionals in Denver who can help deliver the service that you need and proactively address issues as they arise.

What are some of the core services that you can expect to receive from your IT professional? Compliance is certainly going to be one of them, so is pushing your IT infrastructure forward… into the cloud.

The Compliance Spin

Compliance is always something that’s extremely important for companies, and your IT consulting Denver professional needs to be on top of all regulations at all times. No matter what industry you operate within, chances are, there are going to be requirements that you need to follow to stay in line with the law. You’re going to have think about things such as data privacy, protecting non-public personal information that may belong to your customers.

Staying compliant with all the requirements out there set forth by the government can be completely overwhelming. If you’re in the financial industry, being compliant may seem like a nearly impossible task. That’s why you need a professional IT consultant to help clarify things for you and keep you on the straight line.

Moving to the Cloud

You also want to have an IT consultant — like us at Xlingshot — that can help you move to the cloud. The cloud truly is the future in terms of allowing you to stay up-to-date with the latest and greatest computer technology. It also helps in the efficiency arena as well. With your server fully in the cloud, you’re going to be able to really eliminate more risk. You’ll also be able to increase accessibility to your server and upgrade as necessary, based on the needs of your business.

Software Migration

Microsoft and Google are changing things when it comes to software, with Office 365 and Google Apps. You no longer have to go around installing Microsoft Office on every single computer that you have. Instead, you access this software in the cloud, saving files as well. This is the future, but you need an IT consultant to help to guide you there to take advantage of it.

Our IT consulting professionals in Denver have the certain traits that will allow you to really push your company forward. This includes things such as helping you with software migration, the move to the cloud, and especially being in line with requirements and compliance related items. Now is the time to find a consultant to help you— now is the time to reach out to us at Xlingshot. Contact us today for more information.

3 Reasons to Partner with an IT Consulting Firm in Denver to Help You Migrate to the Cloud

One way to modernize your business is to partner with an IT consulting firm in Denver that keeps up with the latest technology. Instead of worrying about the latest trends, you can work with a firm that monitors new technology for you. The cloud has become a haven for businesses to explore for cutting costs and improving productivity. Here are three reasons why using an IT consultant for the cloud can elevate your business:

1. Simplify Cloud Migration

Migrating to the cloud requires plenty of time and careful planning. Allowing an IT consultant to oversee a cloud migration makes for a smoother transition. If you haven’t started using the cloud yet, you might consider a gradual transition so that employees ease into a new work environment.

An IT consultant that has worked with multiple cloud services can save you from committing common mistakes. Businesses inexperienced at cloud migration can end up with insufficient security, inconsistent testing and overlooked dependencies. They may also have to deal with a confusing mess of configuration issues. A seasoned IT consultant, on the other hand, can demystify the process along with other maintenance issues and ensure limited downtime.

2. Overcome Cloud Challenges

The most challenging aspects of the cloud are migration and adoption. Migration involves effective assessment and planning. An IT consultant will assess your bandwidth needs for a private cloud over a WAN. One of the reasons companies run into trouble when they try to set up their own cloud is that they don’t assess the proper network traffic capacity, which can lead to performance issues. An IT consultant will also ensure proper licensing.

3. Train Your Staff

An IT consulting firm in Denver can take on the role of a mentor to help accelerate your staff’s learning curve regarding cloud adoption. A consultant can distribute instructions to each staff member and be available to answer questions. Most cloud services are already designed to be user-friendly, so training usually doesn’t take long for workers to become proficient with a new platform.

An IT consultant also takes proactive measures to alert employees about how to avoid nefarious websites and emails. One of the most common ways that systems get attacked by hackers is by employee error, such as clicking an email attachment that installs malware on their computer. Employees need to be advised that visiting websites with illegal content can generate complaints within the organization.

Employees can learn from an IT consultant the different types of clouds, such as public, private, and hybrid. A public cloud is controlled by a third party while a private cloud is controlled internally.

A private cloud allows for employees to access their work at any time from any location. A typical cloud account involves logging in with a username and password. An IT consultant can set policies on access and authentication for a private cloud to help make it more difficult for cybercriminals to penetrate the system.


If you plan to migrate to the cloud, it helps to partner with an IT consulting firm in Denver. Cloud migration is a tricky process that requires trained professionals. Contact us at Xlingshot Inc. to learn more about how we can help you move your business to the cloud.

IT Consulting in Denver: Recent Trends That Benefited Small Businesses

Within recent years, there have been a number of huge trends that have come up and massively benefited small businesses. Technology has been progressing faster than ever and has helped small and medium-sized businesses become more efficient, affordable, and raise customer satisfaction to another level. As an IT consulting firm in Denver, we advise small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) that it is important to be aware of these recent trends so that you know what makes SMBs rise above the competition.

Implementation of the Cloud

The cloud technology has had a huge rise in the past year, and it is expected to get even higher. Cloud computing has done wonders for small businesses by adding convenience and affordability. It is no longer necessary to pay someone to update software since it is up to the cloud vendor. You can join all of your separate applications into a multi-application cloud service. Updates are regularly updated so you know that you are getting the up-to-date services you need to thrive. Also, it gives easy access to information you want to share or track, giving your company added convenience.

Ever-Increasing Internet of Things

It was not too long ago that devices associated with the Internet of Things (IoT) were just novelty items that people with money would purchase. Items were ridiculously connected to the internet for no other reason than to amuse. Within the recent years, the world lives and thrives on the internet. Applications allow door locks, thermostats, planners, maps, translators, and millions of other items to be connected to the internet. This makes dealing with day-to-day tasks much easier, more affordable and time-saving. The Internet of Things has given small businesses next-level convenience and has been credited with increasing the level of production.

Affordable Cybersecurity

One of the biggest trends is the affordability of cybersecurity. Due to the growing Internet of Things, there has also been an increase in the potential damages of a cyber attack. Thankfully, our IT consulting firm in Denver has matched the demand for security services. We have implemented network protection solutions and backup services that are tailored and affordable to the budgets of small and medium-sized businesses. This will give you the peace of mind that your information is safe while also not breaking your bank. It is believed that cyber attacks are to continue to become more sophisticated, so investing in solid cybersecurity is an important investment.

There have been some huge trends in recent years that have benefited small and medium-sized businesses. Technology in the world today is quickly evolving and changing how we live. Luckily, they have added layers of convenience and efficiency that SMBs have taken advantage of. Our IT consulting firm in Denver believes it would be beneficial for you to know what the recent trends are so your business can stay competitive. If you want to learn more about how these trends have helped small and medium-sized businesses, contact us at Xlingshot, Inc.

Build a Stronger Business with IT Services in Denver

One way to gain an edge over competitors that refuse to outsource is to hire an IT services firm in Denver as a way to learn more about technological efficiency. An often overlooked option is IT standardization, which can accelerate business goals through building consistent infrastructure. Not only does this strategy increase productivity and efficiency but it also improves staff morale while reducing downtime and potential security breaches.

Increased Business Efficiency

As any experienced IT services team in Denver can explain, IT standardization helps make a business more efficient by starting with a foundation in which all planned components fit. If you know what types of software you plan on using, it makes sense to use an operation system that can accommodate all necessary applications. You’ll be more readily prepared to use a volume-licensing program that comes complete with affordable upgrades and updates. This strategy will save you time on compatibility issues, especially if the system has built-in flexibility for third-party add-on applications.

Another advantage of IT standardization is that it allows you to make bulk purchases for hardware so that all computers in a system correspond to the same hardware manufacturer. That means each node will be comprised of the same components, making the system easier to maintain in case you ever need to replace parts. This type of consistency takes time-consuming research out of the equation for tech support and allows them to diagnose problems at a quicker pace. That way, when you upgrade processor speed or RAM, your support team can conduct installations faster so that you can focus on other areas of business.

Less Downtime

Sometimes, management can get frustrated when maintenance leads to downtime while workers become idle, which diminishes productivity. This frustration can spiral into other problems that affect the overall mood and reputation of the workplace. It’s better to maintain business continuity as much as possible and keep staff members upbeat and active. Downtime itself becomes costly when it works against profits if employees are restricted to computers that don’t allow them to have complete access to their data.

IT standardization further speeds up diagnosing and resolving connectivity issues, which prevents costs from rising out of control.

Ideal for National or Global Chains

If your business is a chain with different locations around the nation or world, IT standardization is a strong solution because it includes working with centralized administrative controls. This scenario is more conducive to a collaborative effort for tech team members in remote locations. When hardware and software are consistent across all computers in a network, it reduces the number of tools needed to resolve maintenance issues. Your IT team will have better control assigning access to specific team members, which helps protect against unwanted leakage of confidential information.


Your business will operate more smoothly when you practice IT standardization. This solution eliminates extra time wasted on investigating problems that tie up tech support with tracking down a variety of internal components. Contact our IT services team in Denver at Xlingshot to learn more how we can standardize your technology so that you can spend more time on planning business strategies and earning revenue.