Protect Your Business and Data with IT Consulting in Denver

The days of cyber attackers solely gunning for the massive international corporations and other large organizations are long gone. Nowadays, every type of institution is at risk, whether it’s a small business owned by a sole entrepreneur, a regional business, or a monolithic corporation with locations around the world. It has never been more important to secure your network. Our IT consulting in Denver can help in your quest to preserve your data’s integrity. However, you can also take some steps on your own to preserve your network’s security.

Educate Your Staff

Your entire network can be taken down by a single employee misstep. If someone clicks the wrong file, opens the wrong e-mail or downloads the wrong attachment, your organization might have an uphill battle that lasts days or even longer. Viruses and excessive network downtime can be avoided with employee education. Teach your team about cyberattack prevention methods. Employees who know what they should and shouldn’t click won’t be as susceptible to making an incredibly costly mistake.

Rethink BYOD

A bring your own device (BYOD) policy removes your control over content. Though you can limit the access to specific sites on devices owned by your company, the same isn’t true for employees’ personal devices. If employees use their own electronic devices for work purposes, it could make it much easier for hackers to gain access to your company’s sensitive information. Limit the extent that such devices can be used and you’ll reduce the odds of a nasty hack. Also, make sure that each team member’s mobile device has the latest anti-virus software. Our reliable IT consulting team in Denver can help with data monitoring efforts for an extra layer of protection.

Password Quality Matters

Hackers can try a variety of password/username combinations with little effort. If one of your team members has a simple password, he’s leaving the door open for cyber thieves. Make sure each employee’s password has letters, numbers, a special character, at least one capitalized letter and is a minimum of five characters in length. Passwords should be changed at least once every six months.

The Cloud is Your Friend

Though the cloud has its imperfections, it serves as an excellent source for data backup. A second copy of your data stored on the cloud will prove quite helpful if your company’s computers/servers are compromised. Furthermore, advancements in encryption have made the cloud’s security quite formidable over the past few years and months. It’s no longer as vulnerable as it once was.

Encrypt Your Data

Encryption technology is becoming much more user-friendly as time progresses. It’s no longer overly technical and extremely challenging to implement. Encrypt your data and you won’t have to worry nearly as much about cyber hackers.

Lean on the Pros to Safeguard Your Network

If you own or manage a small to medium size business, your network can still be targeted by wrongdoers. In fact, attacks on small enterprises are on the upswing as hackers view these organizations as easy targets. Ally with the best in the business to secure your business network, reduce downtime and thwart digital attacks of every variety. IT consulting in Denver with Xlingshot will help you steer clear of cyber criminals, keep your network up, and enjoy a steady flow of business without interruption. Contact us to learn more.

Is Your IT Consulting Partner in Denver Helping You with the 4 Ps of Cyber Security?

Working with our IT consulting team in Denver has many benefits. One of those is that they can help you defend against cyber attacks and keep your data and network safe. Cyber threats are constantly evolving and it’s difficult for a business owner to keep up on all the new ways that hackers are targeting businesses. When you work with us, we will keep track of the changing threat landscape and also ensure that your company is protected. What does this mean? Many times, it comes down to the four Ps of cyber security: patches, passwords, phishing and precaution.


Our IT consulting company in Denver is very familiar with patches. Patches are also known as software upgrades and most people have seen them on their smartphones. Patches exist to keep systems running on the newest software platforms, which should be the most secure. However, many business owners or in-house IT teams ignore patches because they feel they don’t have time to install them. Others skip over them because they aren’t convinced they are important. In other cases, the patch comes too late and networks have already been infected or attacked.

When you work with our IT consultant, our team can proactively monitor your system and install upgrades before they are needed. This keeps your system constantly updated and armed against attack.


Insecure passwords are still one of the major reasons why hackers gain access to secure networks and data. There’s a reason why people re-use passwords or make their passwords simple. The average person has 27 separate logins that require passwords and it’s impossible to remember 27 different unique, secure passwords. That’s why two of the most common passwords in 2016 were “123456” and “password”.

Many of the tools people use to remember passwords such as ‘remember me’ pop-ups on their computers or the old school way of writing them in a notebook can be the kiss of death if they are compromised. As an IT consultant we can help you develop a secure, safe, and easy way for you and your team to create and access strong passwords.


The majority of hackers get into your system by using a phishing scheme. This involves an email that appears to be from someone you know and has a link or attachment that, once clicked on, gives the hacker access to your network. You would think that people would be savvy to these types of attacks by now, but hackers are constantly evolving the way they present themselves.

Education of your team on dangerous downloads as well as continuous monitoring of your network are the two best ways to guard against phishing attacks. We at Xlingshot, can help you with both.


The saying “precaution is better than cure” couldn’t be more true in cyber protection – as one security hole can mean an attack that leads to huge losses for your business. The 4th P is mainly about using common sense. If something appears too good to be true, then it probably is.

Here are precautionary measures that you need to take to protect your IT systems:

  • Dealing with emails. If something does not add up, then don’t click on that link, or reply to that email asking for personal info.
  • Protect personal computers when not in use. Use a strong password to prevent others from being able to physically access your PC.
  • Firewall and Anti-virus software. Use and update them regularly to block websites and spam emails that spread viruses.

Working with our professional IT consulting team in Denver is the best way for your business to guard against cyber attacks. We can help you take care of the three Ps of cyber security and ensure your business is safe from hackers. If you have any IT questions or would like to know more about our business, contact us here at Xlingshot.

Your IT Consulting Firm in Denver Can Help You Smoothly Transition to the Cloud

As a business owner, it’s important to always keep your data security in mind. Having a safe and strong backup is necessary to keep your business away from cyberattacks and other inevitable cases that can cause you to lose files. In this case, you need our reliable IT consulting team in Denver to help you transition to the cloud, which can help you safeguard your data.

All About the Transition

The need for constant backups is one of the many things driving the cloud storage revolution, and more businesses are making the switch from desktop to cloud. If you’re planning to get on board, you’ll need to do some planning to make sure the transition is as smooth as possible.

Perhaps the most critical part of the desktop-to-cloud transition is choosing the right cloud storage partner. Your carefully-planned and flawlessly-executed backups will do you no good if the cloud storage service you choose suddenly goes out of business and leaves their servers inaccessible. Likewise, your backups will do you no good if the servers they’re stored in aren’t up to snuff. Cloud storage may be a fun term, but your files aren’t stored on actual clouds— they’re held on hard drives housed in servers, and the backups you create are only as secure as the hardware that houses them.

Once you’ve chosen the right cloud storage provider and verified that they’re reliable, efficient and affordable, it’s time to test your own equipment and make sure you have the bandwidth to send files back and forth. Testing your Internet speed is also a vital part of the transition, and the faster your service, the easier it will be to back up your files and make sure they’re stored securely.

Our IT consulting firm in Denver should provide you with the software you need, or a secure website, to upload your data and recover any backed-up files you may need. It’s a good idea to play around with the software and see how it works before you start moving any data. Knowing how the software works will make the desktop-to-cloud transition easier and allow you to save time later on.

Depending on the service and software you use, you may have the ability to mark specific files for uploading. This option will be especially important if you have limited storage available, or if you’re required to pay for additional storage. If your storage options are unlimited, you can simply choose to upload everything on your computer hard drive, tablet, smartphone, and other devices

No matter which option you choose, it’s important to test your backups and verify the integrity of the data on the cloud storage site. Moving them from the desktop to the cloud is a complicated process, and there are a lot of things that can go wrong along the way. Spot-checking your backed-up files, and making sure they are usable in their current form, is an essential last step in the transition. Lastly, storing your data in the cloud provides vital protection for your data, giving you the real-time backups you need to protect yourself, your clients and your customers.

The Right Partner for Your Move to the Cloud

As a business owner, having a secure cloud backup service in place will give you extra peace of mind. Choosing our IT consulting firm in Denver can help you identify the most critical files to back up, test your backed-up files, and taking steps that can provide valuable protection. At Xlingshot, we can help you have an easy, fuss-free move to the cloud. Contact us today to learn more.

Why IT Consulting in Denver Should Include Cloud-Based Healthcare

Healthcare facilities require robust IT consulting in Denver in order to meet HIPAA regulations and patient expectations. One way for hospitals to cut costs is to use subscription-based cloud services. Leaders in global healthcare cloud computing include Amazon Web Services, General Electric, IBM, Oracle, and Salesforce. Here are reasons that as a local IT consulting , we should offer cloud services to healthcare organizations.

Healthcare’s Adoption of Cloud Computing

The growing interest among healthcare providers in cloud-based, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platforms is associated with both lower costs and reduced tech support requirements. The cloud makes running any business more seamless and flexible in many ways. Third party software can be easily integrated into the cross-platform system and doctors have multiple options for communication with assistants throughout the facility. Here are several other reasons why hospitals and clinics can benefit from the cloud:

  • High volume storage capacity
  • Built-in scalability to accommodate businesses of any size
  • Medical records can be accessed on different floors of a hospital
  • Hospitals and clinics can store medical images with sharing options
  • Ability to spend more time with patients

Geography of the Cloud

One of the most powerful aspects of the cloud is that it serves as a hub for businesses with multiple locations. This concept works exceptionally well for health care chains with facilities around the world. It allows for medical records to be easily accessed by different specialists in different locations. No longer does it take days to mail copies of medical records from one point to another. That means evaluation processes can be sped up, which is extremely beneficial to patients. North America has emerged as the largest market for healthcare computing, followed by Europe and Asia.

Demand for Cloud Services

Since healthcare businesses have an increasing interest in the cloud, IT consulting in Denver can be integrated with cloud services to expand marketing lists and revenue. The healthcare cloud computing market is projected to rise from $3.73 billion in 2015 to $9.48 billion by 2020, reports industry researcher Markets and Markets.

One of the major reasons why cloud-based healthcare solutions are taking off is that it requires less expenses for medical software licenses. The cloud allows an organization to pay for one license that multiple devices can access while old fashioned local architecture requires fees for each machine. Another key cloud advantage is that it helps cardiology departments access and analyze historical patient data.

SaaS applications have become the most popular type of cloud services for storing healthcare data. Healthcare business process outsourcing (BPO) services are also showing up on the industry’s radar due to reducing costs and improving reliability. Other reasons for this escalating interest in Business Process as Service (BPaaS) applications is the technology helps construct global delivery models and provide scalability, agility and access to secure data. BPaaS can be used for the following services:

  • Customer relationship management
  • E-commmerce, finance, and accounting
  • Human resources and payments


Private cloud computing is the direction in which many healthcare providers are moving, so as an IT consulting firm in Denver we will keep a close watch on this development. Contact us at Xlingshot to find out how you can benefit from this phenomenon that cuts costs, makes work easier and generates more patient satisfaction.

Our IT Consulting Experts in Denver Explains How a Data Backup Retention Policy Impacts Storage Needs

As time progresses, more and more data are stored on computers and servers. A backup system will safeguard your organization’s data, yet it can also cause a spike in the amount of data stored. A policy-based system for storage might also prove helpful. Our IT consulting group in Denver has found data retention policies have proven successful to decrease data backup sizes and automate retention.

The Challenge of Data Cleanup

For the most part, a manual cleanup is not reasonable. A significant number of files that serve no purpose will eventually have to be cleaned up. This issue is made worse with backup data. Some IT groups have found success with a combination of frequent full system backups and incremental backups. These two types of backups serve varying purposes. The incremental variety is a rapid backup of added or altered data each day that protects the data system in its latest state. It takes an abundance of time to build backups. There is also the potential for errors to boot. The full backup creates a copy of the system once per week.

It is possible to over-protect information with an abundance of extra copies, making the verification of recovery that much more difficult. The decision to drop a file from the backup requires some thought. It is about more than eliminating the incremental backups that are older than the others. Legal concerns also arise for financial sectors, healthcare sectors and beyond. If your head is spinning with these concerns, don’t fret! Our IT consulting team in Denver is here to help with all your data backup needs.

Policy is the Answer

The solution to the data storage quandary outlined above is the formation of a backup retention policy for your data. The system for data storage protects or even removes data according to rules that are pre-defined. Systems can coordinate elimination with the use of metadata that is tagged to the appropriate data object. Such systems can even designate exact locations for data storage and the manner in which it is encrypted.

The majority of systems rely on object storage for information. From an architecturally perspective, object stores are responsible for the challenges of protecting objects against potential drive failures with a replication across a series of node and drives. It is prudent to have copies stored in different physical locations with a decent amount of space between them just in case a natural disaster occurs.

The best backup systems eliminate duplicate files through a process of comparison with additional objects. This solves the challenge of determining the validity of a file and if each copy is identical. This process ultimately cuts down on the magnitude of the backed-up data. In the end, it proves quite cost-efficient. Some have tried compression as an alternative to decrease size. However, most of those who understand this challenge do not advise compressing the largest files as they will be slow to access an object and are that much more vulnerable to problems in decompression.

How Long Should Data be Kept?

The question of how long to keep data around is worth considering. At one end, there is data moving through sensors like cameras in shopping malls and other retail outlets. This provides helpful information about converting target customers, yet it will only last for half an hour or so. Those who use policy engines with a backup data retention policy set based on department, user, file type and overarching project will ultimately experience fewer problems.

At Xlingshot, we provide IT consulting services for Denver businesses. Contact us today to learn more about our services and schedule an initial consultation.

How our IT Consulting Firm in Denver Can Help a Small Business

CIOs are often associated with large companies, but small businesses can also benefit from our IT consulting Denver strategy that includes hiring a consultant on an as needed basis. There are numerous reasons why this strategy can be advantageous to a small business. Not only can an experienced CIO save your company money, we can help build a strong reputation for your brand. Instead of hiring a full-time expert to oversee and evaluate your technology, consider a part-time consultant.

Tapping into a Wealth of Knowledge

The most important thing to remember about hiring a CIO consultant is that the position is more than just a fancy title to help someone pad their resume. For example, you wouldn’t want to create such a position for a newbie just to say you have an expert of that magnitude on your staff as an illusion to impress customers. Such a move could damage the company’s reputation once competitors caught on and spread the word.

The CIO position should be genuine if you’re going to invest in tech expertise. Furthermore, the individual you hire should have a strong technology background that includes work for various credible companies in your industry. The reason for outsourcing a CIO consultant is to bring someone aboard who can navigate your company toward business efficiency, high-quality performance and profitability. It’s the perfect move to give your company an innovative edge over competitors.

IT Evaluation

By hiring our top-level IT consulting Denver expert, you’ll be able to accelerate both your goals and your company knowledge of new technology. We can help put your company at the forefront of emerging trends, which will appeal to high-end businesses. We can also help your firm become more diversified. These factors will put your company in a position to be more productive and poised for future growth.

Initially, the CIO consultant will audit your technology and compare it with current market conditions to determine which direction to move for investing in new technology. CIOs with integrity strive to build long-term relationships and want to help strengthen your business model as time goes on. It’s not in our own best interests to just sell you on trendy technology that will become obsolete within a few years.

Part of the evaluation that a CIO does for small companies is help establish business goals involving scalability, staff size, and productivity. As your consultant, we will use this evaluation as a guide for planning product launches, hiring, and the type of technology needed to achieve growth and experience minimal downtime. The reason why a small business is better off with outsourcing a consultant rather than hiring an in-house consultant is that you’ll be injecting field experience into the company.

We at Xlingshot, can help you plan and implement your IT strategy, which may include in-person training and setting a tone for business culture.


Small businesses with tight budgets can gain a competitive edge by outsourcing IT consulting in Denver. The CIO consultant should possess multiple certifications and have a rich background in technology. You will only have to pay the consultant intermittently as your company grows. Contact Xlingshot to discuss your needs and let us help you improve and expand your business.

IT Consulting in Denver Might be the Missing Piece to Your Business Puzzle

Just about every type of business can benefit from IT consulting in Denver. The typical business’s IT needs are dynamic rather than static, meaning they constantly change as new challenges arise. IT needs to evolve over time as businesses change and grow, shrink or stagnate. Everything from updated network security to shifting to the cloud, to compliance, safeguarding customer data, and troubleshooting hardware/software issues require the assistance of true IT gurus.

Our IT Professionals Give Your Business a Much-Needed Edge

Think of all the possible situations in which an IT issue can slow your productivity, put client data in jeopardy, and generally bring work to a standstill. Your network, computers and software are vitally important to your productivity and success as an organization. Our IT consulting firm in Denver is here to give you a leg up on the competition. Companies that make use of the latest tech breakthroughs and tap into the expertise of our skilled IT professionals will stand a much greater chance of stealing market share from competitors. An alliance with the our IT gurus will thwart security threats as rapidly as possible, prevent network downtime and generally improve workplace efficiency. These are the advantages your business needs!

Meet Your Potential

It’s awfully difficult for organizations to grow when IT problems pop up. Complex tech issues often saddle an otherwise efficient organization. Think of all those instances in which a tech snafu chewed into the precious time of your personnel. IT challenges have the potential to bring efficiency to a grinding halt for hours or even days on end. Don’t let this happen to your organization time and time again! The assistance of our IT consultants will help your business reach its true potential.

Let our tech gurus handle the IT, hardware and software challenges so you and your team can steer your focus to pleasing clients and improving your products/services. This way, you can use technology to your advantage rather than spending your limited time attempting to solve nuanced tech problems that should be left to those who understand such challenges in-depth.

A Flexible Workforce

The beauty of allying with us is that you can tap into a knowledgeable group of tech aficionados whenever necessary. This means you won’t have to employ an array of in-house tech professionals at all times. You can shape your in-house staff as necessary, knowing our IT consultants will always be ready to help. This is exactly what every business needs in the quest for growth. You’ll be able to decrease or increase the size of your staff as your company evolves over time. We will accommodate business spikes or slowdowns as necessary. This is exactly what you need to preserve money, time, and effort across the long haul.

We are Here to Help

As a leading company when it comes to IT consulting in Denver, Xlingshot might be the missing puzzle piece you need. Tap into the skills and knowledge of our IT experts and you’ll find that all sorts of different operational aspects become much more efficient. You’ll be surprised as to how far our IT alterations and improvements reach into your organization. The ultimate result of this alliance will be enhanced digital security, the ability to work quicker, and an improved understanding of the high-tech machinery your business relies upon to serve clients. Contact us today and see for yourself!

Understand HIPAA Compliance with an IT Consulting Firm in Denver

The Government Holds You Responsible

Here’s the thing: HIPAA is complicated, and it’s confusingly worded in some places to seem optional, while in others to seem ironclad. Usually, what seems optional has to do with means of implementation, but realistically, there isn’t anything that can be negotiated. If you’re found in violation of anything HIPAA-related, an audit could cost you quite a bit. They know the law and they’re going to go above and beyond in order to ensure complete compliance. But having us, as your IT consulting partner in Denver can help your business to follow legal guidelines pertaining to the tech industry completely.

The government should be your friend, but reality isn’t fantasy land. The reality is there’s a cash-cow here, and bureaucrats with pens to push (or laptops to type on) are fully aware of this. Check this out: not only do hackers target healthcare practices for information specifically, but 9 out of 10 were subject to hacks in only a two-year period. Certainly, it’s bad enough having your information compromised, but do you want to have government fines thrown atop that as well? Because the nature of private information in healthcare providers’ servers is protected under HIPAA regulations, and the act’s confusing wording has in some part been responsible for these breaches.

The specific area where many healthcare providers trip up is entitled “Required and Addressable Specifications.” Why do healthcare providers trip over this? Well, it’s redundant. Why would something be addressable and required? The secondary word in the title implies compliance isn’t necessary, but that’s not how the section reads. So, many healthcare providers don’t implement that aspect of HIPAA, then get financially backhanded when the audit comes.

Office Compliance

Another area where businesses get undercut by HIPAA is office compliance measures. Sometimes, your information has to go out of state to a conference, and sometimes you’ve got to take it home with you. Oftentimes when this happens, you may end up neglecting to follow compliance protocols as you would in-house. If this is uncovered during an audit, expect it to be costly.

Our IT consulting firm in Denver understands HIPAA backwards and forwards, and we can help you save time, money, and perhaps even your practice. Make no mistake, though ostensibly for the protection of information among patients, HIPAA also represents an opportunity for the government to milk you till you’re almost dry, and in complete legality. When 9 out of 10 practices are subject to data breaches in a two-year span, the pencil-pusher in Washington who needs to come up with some funds basically has only to draw a name out of a hat.

HIPAA Differs by State

Another thing to keep in mind: HIPAA stipulations differ state by state. So, if your organization has a home office that seems to have its little ducks in a row when it comes to this bureaucratic detail, it turns out you can’t trust them implicitly— there’s likely some change between states. As a general rule, the more populous the state, the more stringent and complicated the legal measures surrounding HIPAA will be.

At Xlingshot, our IT consulting team in Denver is experienced enough with these matters which is fundamentally necessary. We specialize in ensuring all practices are in full compliance, and even “go the extra mile.” Want to learn more? Contact us today!

How to Carefully Choose the Right IT Consulting in Denver for Your Business

Large and medium-sized organizations are increasingly turning to managed IT service providers to control and maintain their enterprise communication systems. Understanding what’s required of your IT consulting in Denver is essential. How the outsourced companies go about their business determines how your experience with them turns out, and it could be great or it could turn out to be a nightmare.

Organizations must find out if their managed service provider is equipped to handle the sophisticated nature of your business. Regular scrutinizing of your managed service provider is essential to ensure that there are no security breaches and compliance is always high to meet the needs of your company.
To ensure that everything runs smoothly, your managed IT service provider should be able to do the following:


The ideal managed service provider should be flexible in a way that their approach to different clients matches with the clients’ requirements and goals. This should include flexible technological alternatives such as cloud-based hosting, installed on the premises or both.

Focus on Customer Performance and Growth

Most managed IT service providers’ ambitions don’t match with your organizations goals and objectives. They’re only there for the profit motive and not to give you the best services. The ideal managed service provider should recommend the best and most suitable new technologies for your organization, help businesses in the application of advanced technology such as unified communications, and contact center technologies, which generate revenue and profitability.

Customer-Centric Orientation and Mindset

A reliable IT consulting firm in Denver — like us at Xlingshot— should be readily available to sort out your issues whenever they arise. They should also be fast in responding to situations and their troubleshooting capabilities should be effective.


Your ideal managed IT service provider should have experience in handling confidential information and have the necessary mechanism necessary to protect your sensitive data.

Predictable Budget

An ideal managed service provider should be transparent in cost discussions. They shouldn’t include hidden costs for services that are in the contractual agreements. Managed IT service providers should offer unlimited software licensing which increases scalability among its users without any hidden or additional costs.


It’s important for an organization to demand greater accountability from their MSP. This is due to the huge accountability demands they face from shareholders, stakeholders, and regulators demand. Accountability features that ideal MSPs should show include:

  • Performance guarantees via SLAs
  • Actual network view
  • Transparency of tools, processes and expertise

Your MSP should strive to give you solutions to most, if not all, your IT problems. Essentially, an MSP which solves part of the solution is usually part of the problem when the issue when it arises again. Accountability on the part of the MSP will ensure that finger pointing does not ensue.


In the current business environment, it’s important to have a service provider with a host of technologies and services that are suited to meet your organization’s individual needs. Not all IT consulting in Denver can provide that. Those that can, ensure that you achieve your organization’s growth and profitability goals. We at Xlingshot will help you achieve just that. Contact us today for more information.

Have an Office in Your Pocket with the Help of Your IT Consulting Firm in Denver


IT consulting in Denver are going to be an increasing necessity as your business grows. But every business must climb that initial hill to profitability. It’s nice to have a secretary, it’s nice to have a second-in-command… shoot, it’s nice to have any employees, but until your business has made it to a level sufficient for the sustenance of profitable activity, this is a cost you probably can’t afford. What happens as a result? Well, when you’re starting out, you end up doing most of the work yourself. Selling, presenting, and organizing must be done by you and you only. Thankfully, modern tech solutions make this more doable than it has been.


Your smartphone has more technological capability than the entirety of NASA when man initially went to the moon. It’s got more power than iMacs in their multi-colored housings circa 2000 A.D. In point of fact, modern smartphones are rivaling the laptops available on the market even in the last decade— granted, these are going to be the less expensive options.

Still, right now, the most powerful smartphone on the market is likely the Mate 9. This phone has a 1.8GHz processor and 4GB of Random Access Memory (RAM). It’s got 64 gigs storage, which can be expanded to 256GB with an SD card. For reference, some of the newer Lenovo IdeaPads only have twice the RAM and four times the storage of the Mate 9’s highest level. As far as processing power is concerned, you’re looking at between 2.4 and 3.6 GHz. That’s between 1.3 and 2 times the processing power of the Mate 9. Basically, you’ve got all the power of a laptop from top-of-the-line producers only a few years ago with this phone. And you can get them super cheap under contract— likely for less money than a laptop like the IdeaPad.

Maximizing Resources

So, using a phone like that, our IT consulting firm in Denver can determine what kind of applications you can upload. You may find there are more than you expected which can facilitate things like:

  • Taking Notes and Composing Documents
  • Making Sales
  • Giving Presentations

Evernote is an application you can download on a phone like the Mate 9 which will allow you to take notes and share them on virtually any computer. Square allows you to run credit cards from your phone, so you can sell a guy on an airplane, in a cab, or on the street if the opportunity comes. With MightyMeeting, you can compose up to a 60-slide PowerPoint presentation, and go even larger if you get the pro version. A lot of applications like this have data reservoirs on the cloud, which allows you to spare no expense in the composition of such presentations. You can literally dream one up on the ride from your home to the meeting, and it’ll look like you spent hours on it.

Consultation, Implementation, And More

At Xlingshot, our IT consulting firm in Denver need not assist you only with in-house server arrays or transitioning an established office to the cloud. You can also maximize your technological powers with that which you have, and so grow your business to the level you seek. Contact us for assistance establishing yourself in the ever-expanding technological wonderland of today.