Xlingshot Mobility Solutions

Business is happening everywhere.  Shouldn’t you and your team be able to work everywhere as well?  With Mobility solutions from Xlingshot, you can enable employees to be productive whether they’re on the road, working from home, or checking in on some key projects while on vacation.  Our solutions allow you to:

greenmarkerAccess Information with Your Laptop, Smart Phone or Tablet

If you have employees who work away from your office, we can design systems so every staff member has access to the tools they need to do their jobs. Streamlining this process helps your staff, and your business, get the job done – no matter where your people are located or traveling.

greenmarkerConnect Multiple Offices

How can you connect multiple offices together seamlessly? With solutions from Xlingshot, you can keep everyone on the same page. Whether your other offices are located across town, across the country, or on the other side of the world, your team will be able to access the same systems, share files, and communicate like they’re in the next office.

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