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System Backup

Backups are a critical component of any disaster recovery strategy. A smooth-running backup system will ensure no matter what happens, your business can continue functioning without the loss of its most important asset – data and business knowledge.

Disaster Recovery

If you lose your business data and information, you may lose your business. A sound disaster recovery plan ensures that your business is up and running quickly, no matter what disaster may occur. Your disaster recovery plan pays for itself the first time you need it.

Xlingshot Email SafeStore

Your email is important. Critical information about your business, key transactions with your clients, and contracts with your vendors all run through your email system. With Xlingshot Email SafeStore, you will have peace of mind knowing that every email is backed up and can be easily recovered when needed. Our archiving service will automatically create a safe and secure copy of your email. All for as little as $3.50 per user per month.

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